May 26, 2006

Good Times

Sharon is here!
Due to my traveling limitations, the beautiful one has come to be with me (and my family) for the weekend. Today Sharon's birthday, so if you wish to wish her Many Happy Returns or something, I shall convey any comments to that effect to her directly.
We have been having lots of fun: eating strawberry shortcake, playing Star-Munchkin with her and the brothers, Dutch Blitz, watching old movies, and (of course) running about the Westfall seeing friends and killing baddies. (Did you know Barbour was a female Night Elf?)
Today's plans involve fixing computers, breakfast (and a big one!), possibilities for cake, blueberry pie, a very large fire, and X-3.
Updates will be posted if more food develops.

Posted by Moore at May 26, 2006 06:38 AM