May 20, 2006

Further Updates

This update is being posted from a hotel neary Dayton, as we prepare for a day of walking around the world's largest radio and computer flea market and show.
Most muscles in my body are sore due to the seizure, from my jaw (you'd think it was pretty tough) to my neck, shoulders, arms and legs. Its the feeling you have after you take up doing weights suddenly and your body complains.
I'll be walking about the market with my 1 year younger brother Daniel, searching for computer deals and other interesting things.
I visited another Doctor yesterday, and she has scheduled me for some bloodwork on Monday. They will want a EEG to be done before too long, and a neurosurgeon to take a look at the results. I'm already on Phenytoin, a anti-seizure medication. It is giving me very slightly blurred vision, similar to standing up quickly after 5 hours reading. This may be due to the starting dosage of 1000 mg, 3.1 times normal size. Blurred vision is listed as one of the possible side effects.
Thus I am looking forward to a (slightly sore) fun day making deals and hanging out with Dan. He will be driving us back home later tonight, as my Dad is heading on East for work-related stuff.
Thank you so much for all your prayers, I shall keep you all updated as the situation progresses.

Posted by Moore at May 20, 2006 05:17 AM