May 01, 2005

Life in a big family

Ever wondered what life is like with five brothers and a little sister? Here's an email I just got from my Dad about our busy life:

Tomorrow (Sun 5/1) I take the twins to Taylor in the evening. We leave after SEMP (~5PM) and arrive before 8:30PM They stay in dorms. We return on Monday, leaving at 3 PM and arriving at early evening.
I work Tuesday and Wednesday.
Next weekend, I am now planning to go to Wheaton on Thu 5/5 and return that day with Dan. I pickup Dan and his stuff at 6PM at his dorm. I expect to get home before midnight.
I can move your (Josh's) stuff on Friday 5/6. I realize that is the same day as your last exam. When does it end? I will be available all day once Dan's stuff is unloaded. I can come down in the AM and expect to return in the evening with the van full of books and lumber. I could bring Dan to help.
Sat 5/7 I drive to LeTu to get David and possibly help him deal with the truck. I will arrive very late at night. The next day we leave with Sharon and his stuff (and him). I expect to be back on midday Monday 5/9 if we drive through, but that may not happen.
I work Tues, Wed & Thu.
The next weekend (5/12-5/13-5/14) I have a single room with double beds in Lafayette (at the red Roof Inn) on Friday 5/13 night. You graduate at 9:30 AM and there is a reception for the department immediately following. I believe that the twins will be staying in Elkhart for alternative Prom. Mom and Joy will be with me, and potentially David and Dan will too.
Anime convention [at O'Hare] in Chicago which takes place over the same weekend [5/12 - 5/14, Fri, Sat and Sun] that I [Josh] graduate[s]. Josh, Emily?, Sharon and David are expecting to attend, I think. Have you talked together about this? How does this fit?
I work Mon - Thu.
Dayton Hamfest is 5/20 to 5/21 (Fri & Sat.) I return home Sat PM. Josh, Dv, Pete, and Jn are going with me (I think). Dn is also welcome.
East Coast Pastors Conference is Sun 5/22 to Wed 5/25. I fly out of O'Hare early on the 22. I am being asked to stay longer.
Enoch finishes Thursday May 26 - Last Day of Classes, Dorm Cleaning, and Graduation at 3p.m. He may be delayed if he can't get the car running and I expect to help them get back if so, possibly driving out (alone, 31 hours driving time) to work on the car. This is less certain than the above.
EBCS Exams 5/27.
EBCS ends June 1.
EBCS athletic banquet 6/2 (Pete).
Nita is in Indy Fri 6/3 and Sat 6/4 at a woman's event.
SAT exams Sat 6/4. (Pete & John)
Dn to China 6/25 to 8/3.
Jn to SEMP Sat 6/25 to Sat7/2.
Dv to Letu 8/17, back to Goshen 8/19 returning to LeTu 8/21.
Enoch & Tiffany wedding 8/20

Its a crazy life, but it sure is fun.

Posted by Moore at May 1, 2005 01:20 AM