August 11, 2004

Much work

My week has become filled with many things I must do. I am leaving Saturday morning to go to Sharon's house in Chicago. Around Tuesday we will leave there to drive to Texas. Thus my week has included so far:
- An extended DnD session with a monk/cleric who was half legendary wolf and sainted. Fear my greater turning!
- Downloading of a dozen MST3K episodes. I don't think I could stand another giant turtle in Tokyo.
- Replacing door panels, the dashboard, and the seat on my '82 S10 with panels and such from a '89 S10.
- Taking the old banger in for shock work, just under 200 (ouch!).
- Downloading the Fedora Core 2 DVD ISO for our Digital Shortwave Content Servers (don't ask).
- Eating mass numbers of cookies during a blackout (a long story).

Thus I am left with only one more task. Packing to leave for college. I'll get around to it...

Posted by Moore at August 11, 2004 11:20 AM