May 11, 2004


vitriol: the expression of bitter deep-seated ill will; rancor [syn: vituperation, invective]

That is what I had lots of yesterday. It grew and grew. It began at 4:30 a.m. when I had to wake up and than wake up Josh so we could go to Houston from my brother's house. He is halfway between here and Houston you see. My sister-in-law Amanda had prepared the coffee-maker to go so I turned it on and got ready to leave. Not having travel mugs, and my older brother not having any to spare, I found styrofoam cups and left Josh to prepare them, thinking he would only fill them half-way to prevent spillage. He didn't. He filled them to the almost-top. I not thinking clearly enough didn't make the suggestion of putting some of the coffee back into the pot so the cups were less full/more empty. So, we got into the car and Josh steadied the cups for the rough stuff between my bro's house and the main road. A bit of coffee was spilled. We got going and the main road was a little rougher than we thought. Coffee spilled; mostly on Josh. About 45 minutes into the drive, we hit fog. serious fog with low low visibility. I tightened my grip on the steering wheel, sipped on coffee, and focused on the road. The coffee wasn't that good. It was IHOP quality. Josh was noting the strange-colored stains on shorts and shirt. The wipers and defrost with the car were sucky and I finally had to pull off so we could clear the windshield better. We had already tossed the coffee out the window, minus the cups and ditched the cups when Josh washed the windshield. We continued on our way, the fog getting a little bit better and not having coffee to deal with--only the complaints of Josh who was bitter about the stains of bitter coffee. A little while after merging onto I-45, I pulled over to let Josh drive upcoming traffic. The coffee had gotten him pretty good I noted in the increasing light. I sat back and dozed until we reached downtown Houston and my navigation skills were needed.

Traffic wasn't too terrible except for one or two parts and we managed to get into the medical tower without any major problems. The office didn't open for a half-hour and my appointment was 45 minutes after that, so we sat down in the cafe and had a little bit to eat and recuperate. Than we headed up to the comfort of the waiting room and for Josh to change his shirt and sponge out his shorts. I managed to get called into a little room inside the office at 830. I waited. they came and took my blood pressure. another 15 minutes passed. the nurse asked questions. twenty minutes passed. another nurse ran an EKG. twenty more minutes passed. I was moved to a different room. and yet more time passed and the doctor came in and spent time looking through my ever-expanding file. we talked a bit. he sat there, confused as normal. we finally reached the conclusion to wait some more time and I'd call if anything changed (Fainting=change). He wants to see me again in three months. We'll see about that. They finally let me go at about 10:45. two hours after I had even entered the doctor office. I was seething rage at the long wait while being thankful I had a good long book to read with me. Josh took me to Chipotle for lunch. I just wanted to get out of downtown Houston away from the madness of the medical system.

After some food, I was feeling a bit better so we got into the car and drove out of town to find our way to the San Jacinto Monument and Battleship Texas. We drove over the big bridge on Beltway 8 for two dollars. Having a limited amount of time, we decided to stick with the ship and the battlefield and save the rest for another day. We wandered around all of the ship that we were allowed, took pictures and had a generally good time. Being tired, and noting that it was about to rain, we decided to head back to Longview. I figured I'd drive the first half and let him drive the rest. We decided to see how long the free ferry took for getting out of the area. It didn't take long at all. I thought I-10 to Beltway-8 to 59 was the best way out. It started to pour rain like crazy just before the exit and I exited just barely too soon for the beltway, I made an illegal right turn from the left lane onto the frontage road and got on that way. It wasn't horrible, but the freeway ended and I was left with a not so good road and stoplights and slow people. It took awhile to get out of Houston, but I managed to get on 59 and get us out of there. Josh leaned back to take a nap. It started raining madly again. Nobody had there lights on it seemed. People were speeding. A blue-pick-up cut in front of me. He didn't use a turn-signal. He didn't have his lights. If I'd slammed on my brakes, there would have been chaos because it was still raining madly, the wind was blowing, and the roads were very wet and slick. I was seething and needed to vent. I really wanted a stress-ball. I hit Josh's leg and he woke up and kept me company with the madness until the rain let up. A little bit later, it started raining like crazy again and people were zipping on, without lights, by while I was noting that the car's traction wasn't as good as I'd like it and I was having trouble spotting cars without lights in front of me, so I pulled off in Livingston at a burger king to wait it out. We sat in the car. Ran in for caffeine and sugar. And got back on the road. Josh went back to sleep. It started raining again, but I figured I'd be okay. It let up eventually again. Things looked like they would stay dry. We got gas and I didn't really want to move from the driver's seat so I figured I'd keep on driving and let Josh continue napping. Two vehicles crossed traffic in front of me and I had to slam on my brakes not to hit them. I missed the turn towards Nacodoches for that. Than a semi was taking it's time turned to go the other direction form our two lanes so traffic was stopped. I didn't have enought stopping distance so I pulled onto the shoulder while decelerating and got past a few cars there. I decided that I just wanted to get back into Longview and off the roads, but now, people were going below the speed limit on the dry roads in the clearing weather. Josh napped on. I shook my fists at a few other people.

We finally got into Longview. I was seething. But then, I calmed down and called my mom and sister, chatted with them and laughed at my sister who has her hands full with my 18-month old nephew who is approaching the terrible-twos at full speed. In three months, she'll have another little one and life will be crazy.

I crashed in bed last night after chatting with Sunny who left this morning. I slept until a little before one, got up and took a shower and than sorted out the health insurance mess. Ran errands with Josh. Had a good mocha and bought a book from Barron's. Came back, read in the library and watched the wind and rain. Made dinner. Read in Tyler lobby. and now, I am sitting here and contemplating going to bed soon so that I may attend class with Scholl and Wheeler to watch Schindler's List because I've never seen it. And there you have my post for now.

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April 21, 2004


Where's my frog?

If you have my frog, please return it as it was expected of you to return the frog to me. I rather miss having it sitting atop my computer monitor.

Reward: One story on blog.

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April 17, 2004

Christian love?

My dad used to work at a camp. He quit at the end of my freshman year because of some issues of disagreement with the director. He was one of many full-time staff to leave within two years. Talk to me personally and I might be able to give you some more information.

Anyways, last year the directors and two other departmental directors were asked to leave by the camp board or trustees/directors after the director refused to change some things that they had asked to be changed. The board had had someone come in and do a management audit type think where they see how things run and such and offer suggestions for improvement. Now this was at the end of three-four year of questionable full-time staff turnover and after an incident involving a local church a year or so earlier. I think the church elders had confronted the director on what was going on and there was some letter written by a former staff that played in. The director thus left the church and "strongly encouraged" all camp staff who attended the church (which was probably about 75 percent camp staff) to leave and they started their own "community bible study" on Sunday mornings. So back to the directors being asked to leave. They all left, picking up jobs in little Lake City and one of the three families having to find another place to live. Things the last year have been treated badly by a few friends of the directors. The camp has managed to continue running as the board had brought in another director and had asked some remaining people to help out more. My only problems that were ever with Redcloud were with the directors and the way it was run. I agree fully with and support the goals of the camp to encourage growth of faith in Christians and reaching out to non-Christians who attend something at the camp and I think God has definitely blessed the camp. However, as is the case for many places, the management of the camp was being handled wrongly and is now being treated better as far as I know. My dad is even working part-time again for the camp. However, there have been actions of revenge against the camp such as this, to block the continued running of the camp. A gas station in town refuses to offer credit to the camp anymore as friends of the directors. They accuse the camp of horrible things and yet take actions of their own that are more divisive and un-Christian flying the face of biblical texts speaking directly to the way things of disagreement are to be handled in a body of believers. I believe that last link I have provided is even threatening to the camp itself.

If ya'll could, offer up some prayer for the camp and people involved in continuing to run the camp.

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March 27, 2004


Ban on your IP list.

Be very very careful with comments from anyone named peterpaul talking about a webpage.


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January 20, 2004

A Defense

existentialism, as from,

"A philosophy that emphasizes the uniqueness and isolation of the individual experience in a hostile or indifferent universe, regards human existence as unexplainable, and stresses freedom of choice and responsibility for the consequences of one's acts."

I'm definitely not an "existentialist loon." How anyone could call me that after simply reading a comment I made on another person's blog talking about God and trusting in him, I don't know. I don't regard the existence of humans as unexplainable. It's pretty explainable through God's word. Free will plays a role along side predestination and God's hand upon our lives. Yes, humans are free to choose and are responsible, but we also suffer acts not of our own choosing but of another person's choice and always in God's knowing and perfect will. I don't stress individual experience and I didn't know that the universe could be indifferent or hostile...although humans can. I know that the Creator of the universe is neither indifferent or hostile. What I believe in isn't existentialism; I believe in God...

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