April 29, 2009

LIfe of a Temp

It's getting harder emotionally to be a substitute soley because as I float from school to school, I make brief acquaintance with teachers but no good teacher friendships such as I had (still have) back in Texas. It also is getting hard because I really miss teaching math. It makes me appreciate my tutoring chances that come by all the more. I loved my last job at the publishing company too because I was still involved with the world of math education--without the students, but still involved with the instructional aspect. There are definitely things I don't miss, but it's getting hard and frustrating to keep getting passed over for even an interview for the very very few math teaching jobs that exist within the one hour-radius that I've been searching.

At least I'll get to count sub experience as teaching experience when I reach the 120 day mark (that would be next year....).

The future remains for me to be surprised by God :-)

I'll be scoring again for a nearby company in a couple of weeks which will carry me nicely into a little bit of summer and maybe help me get another summer scoring job afterwards. We'll see. God is the Great Provider.

In other news, my little garden doesn't look to be requiring much watering from me anytime soon as the rain just keeps coming every other day or so.... It's amazing how quickly overcast skies get old... I know some people are a bit on edge if it keeps up after last year's flooding....especially as the river is definitely getting high. (That's natural...it crests a few times every spring)

Anyways. That's about all for updating my life. I was quite pleased to discover that I could plant columbines up here and and thus have a nice reminder of my family out west in the Columbine State. I wonder if I could get Bluebonnets to survive up here.....

I'll get picture up on the next sunny day....

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April 11, 2009


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April 08, 2009

9 W-2s

That's my current count for this year. Next year taxes should be fun!

That is the joys of subbing. 7 of those W-2's are for various school districts/schools.

One of those is for my tutoring job.

The 9th is for the temp job I have scoring some graph analysis responses for the next couple of weeks. It means commuting again, but it gives me a break from the inconsistency (which isn't always a bad thing) and the day-day nature of "will i work today or not"

God provides.

Still no clue what will happen this summer, but again, God provides. We're looking at going to Texas Shakespeare Festival in July and meeting up with a lot of the gang--we even, as of my last communication--have what appears to be cheaper lodging (think camping--inside! without fire!). We also appear to have another trip or two to Ohio coming up (a birthday and a graduation) and of course, we have much excitement about October!!!! for the 90th birthday bash for my grandpa! It would be nice to see some of my family before then though. We'll just have to see how things play out. There are a lot of things we would like to do, but may have to sacrifice until we're a bit more financially on track to zero debt.

Anyways, that's a little update in my life.

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April 04, 2009


Sometimes I have concerns about the future of Christianity as I believe it with the core doctrines, and at a seeming decline in committed Christians. But working with our church's AWANA program has given me hope. Last night we had the overnighter for the older kids (3rd through 6th grades) that we work with. We opened the night with a circle of prayer and I was struck with a beautiful hope as I heard so many of them voluntarily offer up their own prayers for the night and for other people. Hope and confidence in God's promises for the future can be found in a child's faith and hearing a child's honest prayer--knowing that God is always using us to plant seeds and water them-- that there will always be a generation coming forward until God returns and establishes His eternal Kingdom in a new Heaven and a new Earth.

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