November 30, 2008


I guess people with children gradually get used to the noise as they have more children and the children get older. We have had a busy house the last week since My folks, older sister, younger brother, and my sister's two kids--6 and 4--arrived. They left yesterday. I lost count of trash bags and loads of dishes we went through. It was a nice week to not think and not worry about our future as I face this week of job hunting and sending out my resume yet again.

It was quite fun though--we went to the children's museum in Iowa City, shopped for food for Thanksgiving, introduced my family to the world of Wii, enjoyed watching a couple of movies (Princess Bride is quite entertaining with the perspectives of two children.) The weather was also perfect for taking them outside and playing Frisbee or walking to the park. Thanksgiving was lots of fun as we had another 7 adults and 2 children arrive for the day. (and everybody fit just fine!) After the initial meal, we had tons of leftovers...but gratefully, much more was eaten a few hours later for dinner. Now we have a small portion of the 20 pound turkey left, some stuffing, sweet potatoes and fruit salad. I think I may actually freeze portions of the fruit salad. We also have the equivalent of 1 pie left I think--pumpkin, cheesecake, pumpkin tart, a slice of mincemeat, and two slices of the chocolate Kahlua pecan left. My aunt and cousin are quite the chefs (both have attended culinary school.) Plus another of my cousin made some excellent gingersnaps.

on Friday, we headed to the Amana colonies and walked through their little Christmas tree forest and lots of shops. The chocolate shop was a favorite--and we had some excellent food at one of the restaurants. We also came back with some excellent beer and wine. It is a very neat place...and we only saw one of the 7 areas.

And on Saturday morning, our 6 guests packed up and left in hopes to beat the worst of the snow. (Prayer is appreciated today as they finish up the last of the drive in isn't sounding fun....) And--from something--I ended yesterday with the worst migraine in memory and wondering if I'm sick or if there is some trigger I have yet to identify. After the pain was gone, I had some awful vertigo--which is a first for me in a very long time. I used to get vertigo a long time ago, usually as I was going to sleep. I hadn't had any problems in quite awhile.

and so, tomorrow starts the 26th year of Josh's life and starts the last month of an eventful 2008.

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November 20, 2008

be praying

I know God works all things to the good of those who love Him.

I was just laid off at my job.

More later.

*update* So. Two months ago the president of the company announced that sales were down much and things were tight with the bad economy. The Head company brought in a consultant for advice on how to make things run more cheaply. Now while we had been "mildly assured" that they didn't think our department would take any hits, the managing editor was apparently wrong. For it was decided that the company would undergo economic restructuring--and I was one of the lucky 10-15 people who found this morning--out of the blue (my boss the senior editor didn't even know) that effective today, our positions had been terminated. I have a two-week pay severance package and I do still have a teaching certificate, so I'll be attending a substitute meeting in early December. There's also some adjunct positions at the local community colleges I'll be looking at.

Silver linings: I was at a convenient stopping point on a project I was working on. I GET TO SPEND LOTS OF TIME WITH MY FAMILY NEXT WEEK!!!!! Our gas budget has dramatically decreased in spending. With this time of year, it might be possible that a teaching position opens up in one of the schools. And the house will get a whole lot cleaner before my family gets here.... theoretically.... Saturday. Oh, and I was already on Josh's health insurance, so that's an easy transition.

Prayers are definitely appreciated.

I am wavering between "God is in control" and a cynical depressive state at the moment at the thought of job hunting yet again and going through the nerve-wracking process of interviews.

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November 18, 2008

Something I learned today

I have a sensitive heart.

This means that I am more sensitive in changes in my heart rate (which is why I can tell the effects of coffee and alcohol....and why I can tell when they are checking the battery on my pacemaker....)

Apparently a lot of people with pacemakers don't usually feel the different pacing tests they do when they are checking the device. I however, can. And since changes in heart rate are quite normal and a part of life, then the slight tightness I feel when my heart rate does change is just a normal part of my long as my heart rate isn't skipping (I wish to never see those days again...) and I'm not blacking out or anything (more moments I never wish to have again...).

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November 05, 2008


No matter who you voted for or against...

Do not be so quick to completely disregard our president-elect. I am rather appalled that there are people who have already put out 2012 presidential campaign signs. and appalled at the people who predict some horrifying future. Give the man a chance!

I have my concerns--I had concerns either way the election went. But once upon a few elections ago we want the other party to take a break and "respect the authority of the presidency" and now it the other side's turn. Senator McCain made one of the best concession speeches I've ever head, done with much graciousness and I hope it will set the tone for those who are displeased.

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