April 26, 2008

Joe's phone

My phone now smells like Joe's.

Because i dropped it in a plate of marinara at dinner tonight.

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April 24, 2008

Congrats Big Brother!

Congrats to my big brother and sister-in-law who just had their second child, a baby girl 7 lbs 14 ounces & 19 inches: Esther Rose O.

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April 23, 2008

God's working on something in me right now...so pray for a little project I'm thinking of and praying for God's message to come through. I've always been known as someone who has to say something when given the opportunity, and I feel that I might be being asked to do something to help me finish this chapter in my life.

It's hard, because my desire to be great and known has been challenged greatly this past year in my BSF study of Matthew & the Gospels. I cannot let the motivation of my heart to be a "5-talent servant" so that I'll have earthly glory, but so that God gets the glory and attention. It'll be an ongoing battle as I'm beginning to understand how much of my "love language" is affirmation--I like to be noticed; I want to be heard. Although I'm not sure how well I speak this language to others, it's very much what I hear. So when I do something that will draw attention to me, I don't want to be worried about what people will think of me but what people will hear from God through me.

So very minute amidst in God's great "world-wide web" of His Spirit.

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April 16, 2008

God is Good.

I have had quite an exciting few days.

It started Monday morning when my phone buzzed during class. The signal reaches my room at the most inconvenient times.... When I was free of students, I checked my messages and found one from a principal at one of the schools in my core search area. While I have been religiously checking job postings, I was suprised to find they had an opening because nothing had been posted as of the Friday before. It turns out they had a full time position created by combining two partial positions at 2 campuses. So I called back and was sad to inform him that I couldn't make it up north until after May 1 at the earliest. So I emailed a schedule of times I was available for a phone interview and we set it for today. I found later on that evening that they had officially posted the job, but it was cool to be called BEFOREhand! I'm also glad I had mailed in my application to the district already.

Conveniently enough, I received my temporary "Exchange License" to teach. I would receive a full, regular license after taking two classes and paying the license fee, again of course. So that was nice information to have before my interview. I also did some research and found that I could take both the classes this summer in one week sessions--hoping that the one is approved as valid without having to officially take the university credit that is partnered with the area education agency. It's cheaper to not take the graduate credit...and I am not sure if I would have to go through the whole "admission and enrollment" thing or not since it's just the one class with the partnered agency. I'm working on trying to get this clarified. I also received an email from another school for a phone interview.

Now the last two weeks I have been religiously checking flight prices and not getting much hope. Flights were running at least $500 and that was if I drove 2 hours to DFW and then had Josh drive an hour to pick me up.

So today I had my phone interview. I really liked talking to the principals--they had senses of humor but didn't seem....disinterested... either. It seemed to go pretty well and I felt decent about most of my answers. I liked what they had to say about their schools (and the campus commute thing shouldn't be too much of an issue from my research online). It'd force me to stay organized! One would hope at least. They seemed very interested in me as a strong candidate, but they really couldn't make an offer without a in person visit or something to let them see me "in action". I could either make a video of me teaching, or I could fly up and visit. Well, I'd been planning on the visit anyways and I wasn't sure how easily I could swing setting up a decent video. So I talked to the peoples (like my principal here) about taking off 2 days in May after The Test and decided to check flight prices one last time. Lo and behold, I found a ticket--one stop (the normal DFW layover) between here and CR for under $400!!!! with a perfect flight schedule that would let me only miss the two days of school and make the most of my time there!

I am having strong visions of a giant arrow pointing me to this school, but I have at least 3 weeks before I'll make any decision IF officially offered a job. So please continue to keep this whole process in prayer and that I'm guided to where God wants me.

and also continue to keep my cousin and family in prayer, and also my younger bro who has been experiencing daily palpitations--it sounds like premature heart beats and he has only experienced lightheadedness once or twice, but the dr saw some definite oddities on the initial EKG and they want to know more about it if it's happening so frequently.

Also keep in prayers a friend of mine who just experienced a miscarriage at 10 weeks. She has one little boy.

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April 11, 2008

Student Quote of the Day

apparently, it was a day for my classroom a/c to work really well, student complained of cold all day long. But the best quote was this:

"I'm turning into a fudgesicle!"

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April 06, 2008

Scary, yet funny.


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