December 08, 2007

irish tenor = sexy voice

So, the opportunity to see the Irish Tenors fell into our laps and we took it because it was free. Other than the cost of gas for driving to Tyler (very minimal) and getting my birthday dinner at Red Lobster (with the awesome $10 off coupon).

It was an awesome concert. The maestro (erik stern?) was so much fun to watch and the tenors were of course, magnifico! I think Scully is my favorite. They sang Irish songs and Christmas songs and such. "Amazing Grace"; "How Great Thou Art" gave me chills (or was that the chilly a/c?). I was literally moved to prayer and comforted in the uncertainty of our future here with Josh's job situation and the prayers to watch over the 3 pregnant teachers and their babies.

Jingle Bells will never be the same; and Silent Night (in Italian, German, and English) and O Holy Night (French and English) were beautiful. Danny Boy finale was great too! and the various solos that the Tenors took.

Now off to play Wii. Such a contrast...

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December 04, 2007

rough start to a week

Well, while our weekend seemed quite full with festivities for Josh's birthday--it was fun.

and then Monday came. I really should try to complain less about inconveniences. Monday first class we had a claim of a cell phone being stolen. So, everybody got searched. Even weirder, a purse was found in my room that did not belong to any of my students and the owner says an mp3 player and cell phone had been taken out of it. My next class was their normal pillish self, although I think the new seating arrangement and threats of "horseplay = fighting" might help alleviate some of it. I hope and pray. On the bright side of Monday--literally bright--I had a yummy lunch/meeting with some coworkers for the academic meet stuff.

then there was tuesday. I'm woken up by Josh--I think he asked "do you hear that?" there was a high-pitched sound--familiar, but not very much so. It wasn't a siren. We get up, look outside--I don't see smoke or anything out of the ordinary--only hear the now very annoying sound as I'm more fully awake. I tell Josh to call the courtesy officer. so we watch from the window and he eventually comes around and we see him discover the car. Somehow, the car's horn was frozen or stuck or something into "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh" . He kicks a tire, it stops for a few minutes. I don't know what he did to get it to stop, but after 30 minutes of that, it finally stopped. Hence, I overslept more than normal this morning and ended up running late to school--and of course, hit all the stoplights to make me even more late. On the bright side, yummy annual Christmas breakfast awaited with just enough time to fill a plate and head to class. I think i managed to cut off any discussion of yesterday's fun by jumping into a quiz first thing. Class seemed to go pretty smoothly. But in my next period, a student found a note tucked away under a desk. she said "i think you should read this." The note described scenes from two movies. It was pretty graphically detailed. I turned it in to the principal--I wasn't sure what to do about it--the worst a student had done was reading/passing notes in class and using inappropriate language. My only thought was how much I wanted to burn the thing; it was just that disturbing. Put a damper on the rest of my day.

I subbed a class during my conference, so it was a rather long day when it was all said and done. But hey, Josh got a good deal on what could be a combo Christmas/birthday gift if I decide we should keep it. It's either that or sell it and make a tidy profit. It's a very hard choice.

For now, I'll try and keep the hopeful joyful thoughts of upcoming fun and upcoming BREAK!!!!!

If you're still with me, please pray for another teacher friend of mine. She's about 6 months pregnant (not the one with twins, a different teacher) and she began having seizures at a childbirth class. Luckily, she was at the hospital when they started. As far as I know right now, they haven't discovered what caused/is causing them. Both baby and mom are fine at the moment.

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