October 22, 2007

Love & Locks of Love


Locks of Love

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October 21, 2007


that's me if I didn't have things to catch up on like grading, laundry, and vacuuming. oh, and blogging :-)

452 pictures later, I'm back from the quick trip to Ohio for the wedding. I took Friday off from school, but I wouldn't really say I had "time off" from being busy. Josh and I put a slideshow together for the reception--we finished the final touches about 3-4 hours before...yesterday is such a blur....

It was good to see his family and friends up there again. I'm glad he got to spend a week up there and hopefully I'll be able to spend up some longer amounts of time with them again soon--like next summer when we head up Illinois (maybe) for another friend's wedding. Then I'd get to see some family on my mom's side of the family I haven't seen since we got engaged.

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October 19, 2007

crazy couple days

So, rant #1:

apparently, according to NCLB, all teachers are required to have technology training. So on Wednesday, I got to sit through an hour of training in Microsoft Word. They didn't even give us a chance to demonstrate previous mastery. I did learn too little things that could prove useful...occasionally. (how to set tabs for pretty alignment of something like a table of contents)

Now, for the story of my trip to Ohio.

It started at GGG airport. I discovered new ways to avoid being bored---sit in front of the security checkpoint and watch people go through. For example, all the ladies who can't read the many signs that specify the rules about liquids. Take for example, "sunday school teacher" who went through for my flight. She had an unopened bottle of vodka and some vicodin and tons of little toiletries. They informed her that any liquids had to be under 3.25 oz (or whatever number is close to that) and there was more vodka than 3.25 oz. So she left the checkpoint to dispose of the goods. When she didn't come back for about 20 minutes, we all started to wonder--passengers near to me and the TSA folk themselves about what was taking so long. I began to consider that she might be drinking that said vodka up. She came back through just before boarding bragging about how drunk she was--laughing and kind of skittish. We all laughed at her and she laughed with us. We paid attention to her to see if she staggered and tripped up the steps.

Next fun story: I'm now sitting at my gate at DFW waiting through the hour layover. This maintenance guy taps my shoulder and pushes a bag of food at me. I thought he wanted me to give him my Starbucks trash sitting next to me so I tried to give it to him. He kept pushing the bag my way and I figured out that he thought it was my food. As I was telling him it's not mine, the lady in one of the "paying customers" luxury seats starts yelling at him "that's mine." "leave it alone" "give it to me, that's my food" and started calling him curses. I'm not sure if the guy couldn't understand/speak English, or might not be able to speak at all, but I was appalled at this woman's treatment of him. He just waved her off and continued on his sweeping ways as she talks in the phone about the "dumbass". I decided to move away from her. I'd bet that she didn't pay to sit in the chair either.

Finally, last story of the trip--flight from DFW to Cinnci. Now if any of you saw the weather last Thursday evening, you'd have noticed a long line of pink severe thunderstorms that would be between Dallas and Cinnci. The flight did leave on time and we looked to see how the flight would go. I expected a bumpy flight reminiscent of two flights many years ago--heritage weekend and a high school trip. Anyways, we flew parallel to the storm--and thus got a lengthy show of lighting about 90 miles away from the plane. As we got closer, they warned us that we were about to head through the storm and we were to expect some bumps. I have to give this pilot some cred, because it really wasn't that bad. He had right speed, right altitude, and right path and safely landed us in Cinnci as the lighting began to surround us. As we drove out of the airport, we heard the sirens going off--either for the Kentucky tornado warning, or just a general tornado watch for the area. Not quite sure. Not too long after, the rain began and it was quite the storm. I was very glad to be on ground, and than more grateful to be inside on dry ground soon after.

Today was just a bundle of fun running errands and putting pictures into a powerpoint show. THanks to the Jared for letting us know how to center a picture on a powerpoint slide--to soothe the OCD in Josh. I don't think people would really notice that much once we put the black background in. It's been a normal crazy wedding eve. Speaking of that slide show, I better get back to it.

Best wishes tomorrow on "Sweetest Day" to Tim and Bonnie.

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October 16, 2007


So to yet another baby born--Congratulations and God's continued blessings to Lindsay and Andrew M. with their baby boy Alexander Ray born this morning (only 4 hours of labor!--midwife didn't make it in time...)

babies, babies everywhere.
Maybe next year.

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October 11, 2007

pray for babies

The teacher next to me is about 4-5 months along. She's going to be having girls (they found out from the sonogram today) but one of the twins is smaller than the other (17% smaller I think). The other is greedy and fat. Both are perfectly find developmentally (praise) but they have to keep an eye on the little one. If she doesn't catch up, they'll run sonograms every two weeks and if she stays fine, they'll take them at 34 weeks so she can get the nutrition.

She's apparently rather feisty though...my friend said they watched her pound her fist against the membrane between the twins.

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October 06, 2007


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October 04, 2007

october, why not may?

I'm ready for May.

School has kept me stressed and busy. The students have reverted to their whiny lazy homeworky ways (still not as bad as last year though...) and I feel overwhelmed trying to help so many who need a little extra tutoring.

At least I'm mostly staying organized and keeping my grading up to date.--especially since parents will be able to view grades online soon.

There are many things I'm looking forward to already at the end of my 3rd year...If we're still in Longview next year, I'll be excited and nervous about the campus change for ninth grade, as well as a change in daily scheduling.

Else the rest of life...Bible Study in Matthew is awesome!!!!!!!!! I can't believe how much there is too learn just from the first two chapters! We're keeping busy with church too now--music team, children's church, and helping them get ready for the 50th anniversary next year by helping them organize things to raise money. We're doing "Oktborfest" in a month. (no room in October, so first weekend of November)

I squeeze in time with friends and time on WoW here and there. an opportunity to see Momix fell in our laps last week and that was just amazing. It was fantastical in so many ways and the lighting/music/choreography/dancers teamwork....wow. If you ever get a chance, go see a show.

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