April 30, 2007

thank you God

For getting me home safely in the mess of traffic where people were paying extra not attention.

and for helping one of my students by letting him vent his rage by hitting the wall and filing cabinet instead of the other student who was being stupid and randomly walked by and gently slapped the kid in the face...

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April 25, 2007

cell phone numbers

So, in the crazy little world that is a new cell phone toy, I somehow managed to erase all my phone number except for 6--and only 4 or 5 of those I actually use. So if I had your cell number for handy reasons at some point, I ask that you either A. call me and I'll resave it to the new phone or B. email it to me and I'll add you in by hand. Josh and I are still working out how to bluetooth some over from his phone...but it might be faster just to call me...

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April 24, 2007


Another Tuesday, another evening of Bible Study in Romans, another attempt at unrambling reflections. (which if you think about it isn't really possible,....oops. strike 1-)

So tonight we discussed and listened to a study on Romans 14. For those of you who don't want to look that up, this is the passage of "do no condemn those who eat meat; do not condemn those who do not eat meat--disputable matters."

This being a passage near and dear to me for previous times when light bulbs and gears began to click in my mind, God spoke and convicted me about my convictions again--I put some pieces together that I have not, and yet still came away with questions.

I think that there are many little things that get overlooked in this passage--especially the first couple of times one reads it.

First, tonight was the first time I really saw how the "do not condemn" speaks to BOTH groups of people--let's call them the legalists and the liberalists. The first time I read this passage, i thought "hooray,! it's okay to be different in my thoughts" but I missed the whole matter of "DOn't condemn those who are condemning the action!" I'm very good at judging others for judging me, but we aren't supposed to judge each other. We don't go and command the housekeepers or servants of our friends, they are not our servants. In the same way, as Christians are all servants of the Lord, it's the Lord's business to command and judge his servants.

The second piece of the passage that I've pretty much missed completely, is the command to "forego your opinions for the sake of others." We're not to loudly proclaim our different beliefs and try and change the minds of others by acting in front of them what they believe is a sin. Two reasons--first, it may tempt them to do something which they think is a sin. Second, it may cause them to judge us--just as Paul gets finished saying "do not judge"

Foregoing something which I believe okay when I'm around others who think it's wrong is not something in which I've done well. In fact, I've done rather poorly. God recalled to me tonight a specific example (I cannot go into details here since others are involved) in which I made a mistake because I thought it was "okay". This mistake then indirectly influence the actions of others. I saw the consequences of their actions and thus my actions too and realized my mistake on many levels. There are many times when I've had drinks in front of others and shouldn't because their convictions related to alcohol are different. We may not think that certain actions are wrong--such as the moderate intake of alcohol, using language offensive to some, watching movies that may indirectly/directly promote immorality, ... However, out of love and edification of fellow believers, we should keep certain things to ourselves and God (and I would say like-minded believers..) We need to know each other and be sensitive to each other's convictions--accepting not condemning; build up--not tear down. Pray for each other and let God work in each other's hearts.

But than there is this question of what is considered a disputable matter, and what is considered an action of which God disapproves and condemns. For example, God says very specifically in his Word, Do not Murder--hence, murder is not a disputable matter. Murder is wrong. But what about these matters even now that people believe differently on and biblical clarity is different-- even issues which do not directly affect one's salvation? We can all think of the issues-- how am I to take this passage with consideration of actions that I consider clearly biblically wrong? and the issues that I may believe okay but others consider definitely biblically wrong? Is there a point at which we, as mere imperfect humans, can draw a line in the gray issues? Shades of grade differ with different types of lighting. This is where I can only pray and ask God's guidance, and be sure of what I believe.

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April 16, 2007

66.5 hours

until my students, for the most part, are done with their TAKS test and there is nothing more I can do in teaching the test. Actually, the teaching part is done on wednesday. we give the test thursday morning and most will be done by noon.

I predict that this is how long this headache might last....

unless i get sick with that bug that was flying around the family we visited this past weekend (and had GREAT fun!!!)

oh: a story relayed from my mom:

My 4 year old nephew Caedin is apparently afraid of dinosaurs and they were trying to explain to him that there was nothing to be afraid of as dinosaurs were all extinct. They had all died.

Sarah, the 2.5 year old niece said : "It's because they smoked."

my sister has a coffee cup with the Far Side comic on it...

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