February 24, 2006

Oh no! A holiday!

Yup. I have a four day weekend. To do taxes, clean the apartment more comprehensively, get ready for that great TAKS study, and stuff for the week and a half before spring break. (Yeah, I get mon/tues off and than a week and a half later Spring Break....). and stuff like that. I'll enjoy it though, and hopefully it allows all the sick students time to get better and rest up and stuff. There's some nasty stuff going around....

To rant again on drivers.... To top the annoyance of red-light runners, now people behind front cars keep honking when a light turns green and people aren't moving, because the front cars are waiting on the red-light runners. and today I was crossing an intersection with my green light when I notice a silver pick-up truck coming up on my right and not slowing down. pick-up truck did NOT STOP and turned right right in front of me. My bad migraine went immediately to worse. I just can't handle driving some days....I love driving, but I'm getting so much more annoyed. I want to punishes thems. But alas, the cops are never around.

Tomorrow I have another early Saturday and the one next week and the one after that for our regional qualifying Math/Sci meets & UIL. Any LeTourneau friends who are free next Saturday to be a speaking judge for $50, let me know immediately. You don't have to ride the bus with us at 6:30 to Nacogdoches, but you have to be there by 9 and you'll be done by 12:30. Saturday, March 4. and those are a.m. times (but 12:30 pm) We'll be making calls on some of you to beg and plead. I just need one person. The person I had can't do it now.

(just let it all be over)

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February 21, 2006

Such a boring life.

Admistered Reading TAKS test today. and now the English teachers are gloating over us.

Classroom management is definitely improved. Organization, definitely not :-)

Things are looking a little better and before I know it May will be here!

Lots of sick stuff going around right now....lots more kids absent.

Kids enjoyed my "Volume of a Fudge Cake or Brownie" activity. We also attempted surface area (how much chocolate frosting?) Hate that we have to teach nets.

But really, it all seems so trivial anymore.....

I get teary everytime I think of Dunkin' Donuts and teddy bears. My grandpa loved D.D. and collected teddy bears. and I keep thinking of all the people I have close to me, and how I've been lucky never to have a tragic death very close. I dearly loved my grandparents, but I also knew they lived a long and good life and I'll see them again. I ached for all my friends who have had the hurts of losing close friends and siblings and loved ones. Why not me I ask myself sometimes. Maybe because I'm not strong enough. I don't know. and there I go....talking about me.

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February 13, 2006

a quote describing today

"The way I see it, life is like a jelly doughnut. You don't really know what it's about until you bite into it. And then, just when you decide it's good, you drop a big glob of jelly on your best T-shirt." Ten Big Ones, Janet Evanovitch, p1

really, it describes it perfectly. and now that I've shared that with everyone, i'm going to go on to the second paragraph of the book I just started.

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February 11, 2006

TWO posts in a week!

Well, today wasn't too bad. Shame the weekend is already half gone though.

I spend the first half of the day at the Math/Sci meet doing what I always do, staying out of the way and grading. grading. grading. Our kids won and they did a really good job too. Some of them amaze me....

Then, I headed to the Toads, spent a little time there and had a good dinner. and then Mollie and I escaped from D&D and went shopping and went to see a chick flick: "Rumor Has It," the polar opposite of "The Graduate" I was quite impressed and laughed a lot. I didn't expect a whole lot, so my expectations were exceeded and i recommend it as a good movie for laughs and that wonderful sappy feeling at the end with the hints of a tear. It also made a good message about engagement/marriage at the end.

To go with the chick flick, we stopped at Starbucks and had coffee and chocolate. and I ran into people I knew, including one of my students from last year with student teaching. One of the intelligent AND nice ones :-)

So, it has been a decent day. I just hope tomorrow doesn't fly by too fast.

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February 10, 2006

oh yeah...

Well.....I've been really busy.

Busy being sick. Busy babysitting, err, teaching students, busy dealing with Math/Sci stuff......., and such.

I got a cough/sore throat last week. Monday I started to feel sick to my stomach, and hit really bad Tuesday night. Enough that I took Wednesday off. My first sick day all year. I would have posted, but I was busy sleeping most of the day away. and than grading. and grading. and grading. The good news of the week is that our washer and dryer arrived and are installed. Found out last night that the hot water and cold water hoses are switched. Have to get that fixed before I accidentally shrink something from a HOT water rinse.

Math/Sci stuff....well, talk to me about that personally. I need prayer for wisdom regarding that and prayer that I don't stress so much as to stay sick about it.

I'm feeling a bit better today. At least I can eat. and today was the last week of the six weeks which means, in a crazed rush to grade late and absent work and retests all day, I walked away with NO GRADING AT ALL!!!!!! but there's a meet tomorrow at school. First time I'm not looking forward to it.

So there's some rambling to make all the color go away for now :-)

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