February 28, 2005

monday down...

Well, that's one day of the week done. Today wasn't so bad and I regained a fair bit of my voice by the end of the day (it isn't to singing quality just yet...)

All the classes went rather well today. No major behavioral problems, mostly people staying working :-o, and things just generally went rather smoothly. Let's hope it continues. Apparently many of my first period students were remembering those extra sentences they had to write on the warm-up last week because we didn't have quite as much a problem with talking today...

still so much to do...

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February 26, 2005

Gone and Back Again

Well, it appears that I've gone and come back again to a quiet apartment. In other words, Ardith has been asleep the whole last five hours that I've been driving to Tyler or taking a test. (or eating at Burger King or a blizzard at Dairy Queen). Strange feeling

If you're on campus or nearby, you should go to the Car Show and help Auto Society. It's just over in the assembly building. I think the money goes to missions (Sunny, please correct me if I'm wrong here....).

I think I passed the test, but with these fluffy ones it's hard to tell. I think there were only 10-15 questionables for me out of the 90 questions. (all multiple choice). I was tired after the first 50 and over half of the questions were from "decision sets," (kind of case studyish. they give you a classroom scenario and ask questions) They get taxing because you have to place yourself constantly in new scenarios. The feel of "perfect classroom TExES ideal land" wasn't as strong in this test as our qualifying and sample questions, but I'm still glad that is over. Over as long as I passed. There were a few things I didn't feel adequately educated enough to answer...our EDUC classes have been good and I've learned a lot, but we've covered some of the material over and over again so much (like the philosophies and lesson planning and learning disabled) that I haven't gotten as much for some of the other areas, like gifted education. I realize that a lot of the other stuff I'll learn through practice, but. . . No education program is perfect. and I do know how to find some of the information on my own...

Now. lots of grading.

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February 24, 2005

how is only 730 pm?

it feels like it should be at least 830 or something....

*forces self to concentrate on creating a review*

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I lost my voice

But I can still write. Gallagher reminded me that I could vent about my day and tell of the student teaching woes on my blog.

But first, some good news we hope. Even though I screwed up my cover letter (I caught a mistake in it last night that had occured during the corrections), I received an email from a school district to let me know my information was received and they'd be looking for me next week at the Education Job Fair. I'm going to take this as a good sign. It might just be a nice response that they send out to people...but I have my hope.

On to other news of the day. Yes, I really have lost most of my voice. Rather I used up what little I had on my ninth graders. I feel a lot better than I did two days ago overall, except my voice has been progressively going and going...probably a combination of the allergies and congestion from allergies making it hard to breath through my nose....Anyways.

So the life of a teacher is has lost her voice and must yet still teach. First period actually went better today than normal. I think it helped that I gave them some dire warnings about turning in assignments at 9:00 and I'd grade them no matter how much was done. They have a tendency to talk instead of work, so I decided to see how serious they were about their grades. I think it mostly worked. And since they did so well for me, and the majority had gotten all but a few problems done, I said they'd have a few minutes to finish it tomorrow.

But then came second period. They are usually good. I don't think it was necessarily as much that Mrs. Saunders was gone so they acted up more than usual. Mrs. S. left for a funeral (actually, the funeral of the lady she herself student taught under). We had a sub, but he knew that he'd be there mostly to help me keep them in line. Unfortunately, that left just me for being able to go around and help them with their work. We did the lesson first, and this was where my blood pressure whent up. There are these two students I have in the class. One of them had a bad attitude and figured that was an excuse not to pay attention in the lesson. I told her I was sorry she was having a bad day but I needed her attention. She told me to leave alone. I told her to pay attention. I went on with the lesson. But oh no. I look over and she has her head down and she is all teary-eyed. Ah, we're going to play this game I see. I ask for her attention. The sub goes over and than tells me that she needs to go to the counselor's office. My own personal opinion was not to let her go, however, I also realized that it might be best in some ways--as in not disrupting the rest of the class further. at least, her be disruptive. So off she went. She at least came back the last half of class. I just hate that she uses this sort of thing to get out of class. It's becoming a habit.

But she was only one of two students I was struggling with during the lesson. The other, who is rather a buddy to the other, was pulling an attitude game with me too. Once when I called on her to retain her attention, she replied with a snotty answer. The others laughed. I raised my voice as much as it hurt me (literally) to do so. and told them how I demanded their respect and stuff. *sigh*

and on we went. It went better during seatwork, but as I said earlier, the sub couldn't help the students with math. It was only me. and I had two students who needed some make-up one on one time with me.

I had a nice lunch and conference period. and than thankfully received enough voice back to teach the 8th period lesson and get them through the class. and off they went. I got some stuff to make out the reviews for the test and came on back to school. Lily was in a chatty mode, so my voice was basically gone by the time I got to Saga for dinner. and now I am ready for some quiet and hot tea. Although I do have to get that review done....

thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!

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February 21, 2005

One of the Spring curses:


Dried out eyes. Sore throat. Stuffy/runny nose.


This too will pass.

My legs hurt from standing much of the day for teaching. I should find some better shoes. The kids seem to be responding a bit better.

For a Monday, it wasn't all that bad of a day.
Tomorrow we proctor a TAKS test. Than we get to teach some rather resistant to thinking and learning and tested out students the rest of the day. Joy. I haven't planned anything too stressful on the brain... or so I think anyways.

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Moving on...

I have already submitted one online application. And Josh mails out the rest for me tomorrow since I can't get to a post office when it's open.

First resume and cover letter, with prayers that things don't get trashed because of a stupid mistake.

Wedding planning update:
*Florists. could use prayer on this. Flowers at Mother's Day expensive.
*Have bridesmaids' patterns and fabric. Just need their sizes.
*Wedding invitation appear to already be hear. Now we need to finish getting the inserts together.
*racks brain to remember all that stuff that kept me busy last week....
*and people are planning showers. that means gifts. That's a weird thought for me...getting gifts some time of the year that is not December!

Umm. I guess that's it for now. I should really post about my days off, but alas, I must wake up in just over six hours to start another day that is the start of another week....

So much to do. So little time it seems.

Oh, I did get a little pleasure time in this weekend. I bought Grisham's latest The Broker and finished it. :-D Much better than his last one. Maybe not as good as some of his earlier ones. But a pleasant read nonetheless. The author's note is the best. Watching "To Sir, With Love" really didn't feel as much a break considering it's about a teacher with a rough group of kids and I was rather reminded a bit of my own students....wow "my students"

*goes off to bed with overwhelmed feeling of moving on in life*

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February 19, 2005


Reading through the possible answers, this was does fit me the best:
You're a Gryffinclaw!: You are a determined and
intelligent person who is used to getting your
own way all the time. You are very passionate
about your beliefs and will defend them until
your last breath. Often Griffenclaws work as
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strongly about a certain subject. You feel that
knowledge is to be used in a practical way and
you often have a very low tolerance for people
you consider of low intelligence. Although you
aren't a social butterfly, you don't have
trouble making fiends, people are usually drawn
to you. Your weakness is that sometimes you can
be insensitive, you're too busy being witty
that you don't realize that you're hurting
peoples' feelings, often your friends. With the
wit of a Ravenclaw and the passion of a
Gryffindor you can face all your battles in
life head on!

Which Mix of the Hogwarts Houses are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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February 17, 2005

A Reflection

I've learned something.

There is another gift of grace that God gives us. When life throws us curveballs and disagreements, problems with other people, and such, it is easier to get through them because we can surround the situation with prayer---even if it is hard to pray. If multiple persons are involved and all are Christians trying to have the right focus, things can go easier and smooth over a little faster.

Not that things will become perfect necessarily. It just seems that it is easier to get through them than those people who don't have God. Of course, I also remember some very hard times when it seemed like I had to rely on God for a few months.... and some times where it seems things didn't smooth over. I'm not sure. But maybe it was easier this go around because other times made me stronger in God. Even if it felt like I was utterly weak. I was weak. But God was strong.


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February 16, 2005

That was easy.

You Have A Type A- Personality

You are one of the most balanced people around
Motivated and focused, you are good at getting what you want
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When it's playtime, you really know how to kick back
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You live life to the fullest - encorporating the best of both worlds

Do You Have a Type A Personality?
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Emotional Highs, Emotional Lows

At least I have three days off.

But the good things of the last few days:

painful growth (the spiritual kind)
Loving and patient Man by my side
new glasses
:-D Finding out, with no suprise, that Eric and Amanda are going to become parents in October. That means Josh becomes an uncle of two and almost three in May. (Eric is my brother) :-D
time off.
a checking account with money in it for the next couple of months

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February 15, 2005

not enough questions!

maybe i've just become more realistic since coming to college...:

You Are A Realist

You are more romantic than 20% of the population.

When it comes to romance, you tend to take a realistic approach.
You believe that love takes time, and it's something you have to work hard for.
A bit cynical, over the top romance tends to get under your skin.
Your heart is difficult to win ... but it's totally worth it.

Are You Romantic or Realistic?
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February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

Well, it's late in afternoon on a BEAUTIFUL SUNNY 76 degrees Farenheit day here in Longview. The last thirty six hours of my life have been absolutely crazy--emotionally charged. There seems to be a sunnier side figuratively now in addition to the actual weather...God only knows and wills. It isn't like things won't be rough for awhile yet and there are still some pages to fill, but God is in control.

I had a good chunk of my world turned upside down and I was still needed to stay sane and rational and turned right side up. It was exhausting but God kept me strong through it all. I haven't been feeling like my spiritual health is all that well these days....worse off than I am physically. But in a strange way, by entrusting me with what He did, God encouraged and showed me that he's still here and he's still using me. I guess I'm doing something right. I'm only giving my personal perspective now because I feel I can do that. Another friend of mine was rather amazed at how she is yet to be used later this week...how God is taking her own sin and using her to help others. Well, I don't know if amazed is the word she would use. But anyways. Prayer would be GREATLY APPRECIATED by all involved persons (if I may speak on behalf of them). and Thank you to all of our friends who stay friends even we are at our worst. I don't know why some of you still hang around me with some of my nasty selfishness and pride.....

In other worlds of mine, I remembered again today how rough "special" days are in the world of teenagers at school. It took a lot more to get them settled down today. Tomorrow could be a lot worse because they have a five day weekend after tomorrow. *takes deep breath* I'll let you know more after tomorrow...

Today wasn't too terrible though. The PTA left lots of yummy desserts for the teachers at lunch. I didn't need to eat all my carrots anyway...hey, I did eat most, but they weren't very good after being left in my lunch bag all weekend....

and, most special of all today, my wonderful man brought me flowers and Dove chocolate truffles even after celebrating last night on a cheery double date at one of the best Italian restaurants ever. Let's see how long I can make the chocolates last.... :-d :-D :-d Oh, and he also brought a special note that will last much longer than the flowers and candy.... I should keep it somewhere nearby with my school stuff if I think I can without losing it.

Sadly, I must now attend to work yet again. Another lesson to write and more papers to grade....

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February 10, 2005

Is it in the air?

So today was attitude and crisis central amongst many of the students. In my first class, it started with one and spread to others. Second class was soley an emotional crisis right at the beginning. I felt very inadequate to deal with the situation but my CT (cooperating teacher) took the girl to the counselor's office. And we heard similar stories from other teachers at lunch. The day did go a lot better though after that.

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February 09, 2005

Happy Idea Dance

I'm nuts; I know.

I just came up with a brilliant group activty for teaching solving systems by substitution. At least I think it is brilliant.

The groups are given a word problem and instructed to set up a system to solve the problem. They then demonstrate each step of solving the system by substitution three ways--one using stickers representing each piece, two by doing a neat symbolic process, and third by using complete sentences to describe each step of the process. THen they put it all together on a poster to display.

You make think it's dorky, but I think it might just work! and it isn't a boring seatwork assignment or homework. though they still get homework :-p

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February 07, 2005

But this is Jr High!

My day went relatively well. Helps that a lot of the trouble makers are not in class due to various disclinary issues.

However, one of the other teachers that Lily works with, an 8th grade math teacher, GOT BIT, today when he tried to take up a note. It wasn't a bad bite....but STILL!

Biting is elementary!

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February 05, 2005

Different Thoughts

So as I sit here pretending to get something done by planning out a unit that I will actually teach on systems of equations, I notice all the different places that light refracts too off my ring. It's rather cool.

and i'm thinking about titling my life as a student teacher, actually, as a student teacher in the Jr High as "Student Teaching--Fun with Attitudes"

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February 04, 2005


It has been an entertaining week to say the least. In a lot of ways, I've got my work cut out for me with the kiddos in my classes. They are ninth graders. They are quite "special." You name the type of kid, I probably could name you a few students.

And some of them are finding out I am nice to a limit. Really, if you are going to talk during a test, push another kid into a locker, sleep through a test, write notes during a test (they all had tests today), read notes during seatwork, make snide remarks about others, (hmm, I know a few others like that...).... yeah.

So some of you will say "Guh, public school" and blame it more on the teachers, others on the parents, some on the students. Honestly, the problems are a lot more complex than that these days. It isn't just class sizes or a lack of money. It isn't totally about attitudes and learning styles. It's a combination of a lot of different factors, such as past teachers and how classes went before. No wonder many of the teachers are calculating how soon they can take retirement during lunch break....

But I've survived and I think I can manage. Just gotta stay on top of it all. Hope I don't forsake other things outside of student teaching to do so...like that research paper due in about 7 weeks. Or these job applications sitting on my desk. Or wedding plan. or time with friends. or time with God.

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