August 29, 2004

The Cutest Niece and Nephew in the Whole Wide World

Sarah is about two weeks old at the time of these pictures. Caedin is 20 months old.

Same process...

Karin, Sarah, Caedin

Big Brother, Little Sister

The Little Darling

Caedin the Cutie

Caedin the Gardener
so much fun....

and more fun...

Caedin Loves Outside

and footprints...

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Pictures from Sunny's Wedding

For pictures of Sunny's Wedding (I took them...I did the best I could...)

Click for an extended entry. Click the picture for a pop up.

The Father and Bride:

Lighting the Unity Candle

Signing the License:

....and Sunny

The Grinning Newly Marrieds

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Finally a post

So yup. I've been back since Thursday.

The trip went really well. Was "randomly selected" for a full screening so that was fun.

I spent the afternoon partly running errands, unpacking, and than had dinner out at Joes Than I went to bed after scanning in some pictures because I was quite tired after a very long day that started at 430 a.m. after a restless night of sleep.

Friday I spent at work playing catch-up and such. and we had subway for dinner while waiting on the Gallagher, watched a movie which I wasn't totally impressed with ( Snatch ) and than went to bed early again because I still couldn't sleep in yesterday morning. I was asked to be a part of a Q/A panel for fish parents. After that, I slept a good chunk of the afternoon and had a delightful evening out with that precious boyfriend of mine and than hit the sack early again.

Church was good this morning and now I'm awake after yet another nap.

I'll try and work on uploading pictures of Sunny's wedding and the darling niece and rambunctious nephew of mine now.

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August 27, 2004

Morgan plays Bride

"Subtle to Sexy"

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August 25, 2004

Happy day!

So I ordered my laptop last night so as to take advantage of Dell's free shipping sale and other stuff that was going to end today. And I already have a shipping confirmation which means my laptop is on it's way. Watch it get here on Saturday but I won't be able to get to it until Monday....

:-) Ha. I'll probably be watching the tracking. My desktop got here really quick the last time...


In other happy thoughts, we spent the morning at the Omaha Zoo. If you ever find yourself in Omaha, I HIGHLY recommend that you spend a day at the zoo! It is just so cool! Even though it was kinda rainy, we were able to do alot indoors. Caedin had a blast and Sarah was good the whole time too. The flora and fauna....ahhhhh. We had a lot of fun. and we stopped for Culver's on the way back.

Now we are doing some house things...I stay in with the kids and run the laundry and such. Karin is mowing.

It's rather amusing and sad sc omewhat...Whenever we are out in public and strangers stop to exclaim over the baby, they get confused as to which of us is the mother...because Karin just looks that good. I think iit would be more obvious if they observed who looked like the nursing mother....

*sigh* But yup. She is a beautiful little darling. and she's grown so much just since I've been here!

I'll probably post again later. But I have an early pick-up at 445 am since my flight leaves at 630 (barring predicted stormy weather...)

So i'll see a good bit of ya'll tomorrow!

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August 24, 2004

Busy Busy

Well, I'll try this again. Have to start getting used to a laptop keyboard anyways now....

So yesterday started out very early at 530 because Caedin had day surgery. It all went rather well, chatted with some nice ladies in the waiting room and had coffee and such. One lady told me about how her life had improved so much since she had divorced her husband of forty years a couple of years ago. So that was interesting. They regaled myself and Karin with memories of when they had children and were new mothers and such and of course all exclaimed over the very precious Sarah who is rather cute and pretty.

While coming off the anesthesia was not a pleasant experience for either Caedin or Karin until the sedative kicked in, Caeidn thankfully woke up again after an hour and had something to eat and drink which me could leave the hospital just as soon as the medications arrived....that took a good while...

But we were back at the house in time to eat. Karin and I both being rather weary and hungry. Apparently Caedin doesn't get too drowsy from depressants like codeine because he was only a very little bit less bouncy than normal. Just a little. The afternoon passed rather uneventfully as Caedin took a decent nap as did Sarah and Karin. Josh beat me at Literati at yahoo games.

I than attempted to make shrimp scampi for dinner...but it didn't so well because the shrimp was pre-cooked. It was edible though. Our mom called that evening to tell me that she and my dad would buy me a laptop if i gave them my desktop. It'll be more practical for me to have something portable with teaching and such. I know what I want from Dell and my parents have agreed to the price, so after some double-checking on a few details with Josh, I'll get it ordered and ship my desktop to Colorado. They have to have it soon since they will be leaving the cabin business and thus the business computer behind in November. Thus they need to transfer stuff over and get it set up at their house.

The day finally ended and than I had the joy of being woken up again a little after 7 by the ever exuberant Caedin. We got him breakfast and than I stayed and kept him amused while Karin took Sarah for a 2-week appt. After that was over I stayed with Sarah while Karin took Caedin to daycare...ahhh...quiet.

But we had to run errands. Karin had things to do at the base and wanted to swim a little bit, so we spent some time there and I sat at the poolside with Sarah. We got back and I napped. I've lost my clip-ons and I had to squint with the bright sun...not fun. Thus I had a headache and I was rather tired still after yesterday.

All too soon it was time to get Caedin from "school" and we got him dinner while I cooked the swordfish. We had let it marinate all afternoon in an experimental sauce and it cooked rather quickly in the oven. It actually came out pretty good considering the only directions I had were for bake time. I concoted the marinade myself.

After downing more water and finally taking tylenol for the headache, i started to feel better...was getting rather naueous and weak. and kept Caedin amused some more until we made a quick grocery run and got back in time for him to go to bed.

I can't get used to the flatness up and being able to see so far...I think it's also due to the lack of pine trees like East Texas because there are hills around. But still, I can see a good distance. Hopefully I'll have a chance to get a good sunset picture tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow morning's fun is a trip to the zoo. and than, i have a cab picking me up early thursday morning for the flight back to Texas.

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August 23, 2004



I lost it....I lost the post I was a split second from publishing because the laptop keyboard is difficult and touchy.

*makes note of what not to get in laptop....*

I'll try again later. Right now I'm going to browse through laptops.

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Karin was nice and let me sleep in a little bit. I got up after I heard her stirring about getting Caedin his breakfast. Than she mentioned that we could go to Panera Bread for breakfast, so I just had some yogurt to tide me over until then. The house was still basically clean since yesterday's showings, so we didn't have to do anything there. So we let Caedin play outside a good bit of the morning. He likes helping Karin with the sprinkler and than he played with one of the neighbor's kids on their outdoor play stuff. That was nice to enjoy the outside a bit...excepting dealing with the little rat dog, well, poodle, and making sure Caedin didn't get hurt and he shared the slide and stuff. Panera was good....mmm, bagel and coffee..... Than we left ate 1 so we weren't there during the open house. Caedin took a nap in the car--falling asleep about five minutes after we got in. Karin and I went to go get forty-nine cent fountain quarts at the QT and than I ran into Wal-Mart to check out there baby clothing selection and stepstools. Afterl that we had lunch at Sonic. and than ice cream since the kids were still asleep. Caedin woke up right around that time so we gave him the grilled cheese we had ordered from Sonic and some ice cream while we headed to one of Karin's friend's friend's house to watch the air show and give them a chance to visit. This girl used to be an officer in the navy also but now lives in San Antonio and is in the reserves. Apparently there aren't many female officer's at Offut. Anyways. We were there for a good couple of hours and stayed outside most of the time. Thus, I have a little tan on arms, neck, and a pink face. Even though I put on SPF50 sunscreen on my face. Grr. r

So we got back still full from *gah stupid keyboard* lunch and being out in the heat and fed Caedin because he was rather hungry. and just tried to bums...gave Caedin a bath and than found out someone wanted to come back for a second showing...they were rather interested in the house...around 8 this evening. So that was fun. They had a couple of kids and Caedin played with them. and than he had bedtime. Which didn't go too nicely. but he's asleep now. Karin went to bed about an hour ago. We've got to be at the hospital by 615 to check Caedin in. So we have to aim to leave here no later than 6. Which means we are aiming to start getting in the car around 550. Karin wants to feed Sarah before we leave. and we're just going to take Caedin in his pjs from bed to car.

It'll be fun. I stay with Sarah while she does check-in stuff with him. She can't be with him during the surgery but I think she might be able to go back during recovery. We'll see. Looks like breakfast at the hospital...she informs me there is a coffee shop type thing there that isn't bad. But maybe Caedin will be easier to deal with since he'll probably be rather drowsy thru the day.

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August 22, 2004

For Josh

I miss you.


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August 21, 2004

A "Normal" day

Well, it appears Caedin has gone down to bed without a hitch. It was a relatively nice day I guess other than that we had to get the house clean and than leave twice for showings. The first time we went on a hunt for a dual joggin appears there is a high demand in the Omaha area for those these days and online too. We also stopped at Hardee's since we didn't want to take the sleeping children out of the car...thus, we took turns running inside and doing things. At Hardee's, I was given the task of ordering and getting food. I had one of there new western bacon burger things. It was rather good.

and than we played blocks a good bit of the afternoon. It's rather depressing. I construct these cool buildings and bridges and Caedin spends a few seconds of time to knoch them down. *sigh* After another outing for a showing...although it was pointless because they were late and came as we had started dinner...we ate. Karin and Caedin went on a walk while I dozed with a sleeping Sarah in my lap and kept an eye on dinner because I don't believe in microwaving a frozen lasanga. I'll wait while it cooks in the oven. Mmm. That was good. and than I read to Caedin and got him in pjs and Karin took him to bed and all is quiet once again. Sarah is finally opting to stay awake for a little while.

So a rather uneventful day. And now to wait around and see if the boy will chat.

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August 20, 2004



The morning went relatively well. Caedin let me make breakfast for him w hile Karin tried to sleep a bit. We played a little bit and he got his blanket back from school. He liked to watch the people run during some of the track events in the Olympics. We attempted to be artistic. We had lunch.

And than it was naptime.


Yeah. I tried first. We read some books; he seemed to be settling down a bit. Karin tried. I tried again. We played and read a few more books. The tricksy little boy kept making me think he was going to lay down and than saw something new to keep him from doing so...behind his bed. He even laid all his stuffed animals down with the blanket and pillow. But no, not Caedin himself. Finally, I was tired of the game wanting a nap myself, so it was time to make him stay in his room by himself and cry himself to sleep if he so chose. I had to hold the door closed. He wanted us to hold we hold Sarah. *sigh*

Half an hour later the crying subsided and he was out. There was of course still things to do though...clean up....Sarah needed a little attention here and there....He woke up all too soon in about an hour or so. And was still cranky. For the next hour. Karin and I were ready to pull hair out. He's also difficult because he likes to show Sarah affection but he's still fairly rough and fast...nearly hits her and such sometimes because he moves fast around her. He settled down into a happy mood after we went up to go get some corn for dinner and he ate his enchiladas. Karin wasn't pleased that I was eating "treat" food in front of him while he ate said dinner...but I needed food while the brisket was in the oven. At least we managed to eat something ourselves. It was rather good.

and Caedin and I played some more...I kept hoping he was tiring himself out so the process wouldn't repeat with bedtime. We went on a walk in the nice evening through sunset. It's been nice up here since I've come. I hope it's nice when I leave too. *back on track*

and we watched the moon for a little awhile and it was time for bed. I left it all to Karin. She is his mother after all. yeah, it wanted to be as bad as at naptime. He kept coming out crying...she sent him back...and again and again....Sarah was getting hungry....

and now he is asleep. Only took fifteen minutes this time. Kids. you gotta love 'em. He is so cute though....This hasn't been the first time for me though. Once upon a time ago I was helping someone out with their toddler and he pulled the same trick...but he cried longer.

So now it is finally quiet. and in an hour or so I'll go to bed myself. only to be woken up again by the wonderful little booger nephew of mine.

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August 19, 2004

A Kinda Busy day

So this morning I woke up a litttle after seven so that I could watch both kids while Karin went to the dentist. Thankfully Caedin wasn't awake yet so I had a few minutes of wake-up time. He woke up around 8 and we made pancakes. Rather, I made pancakes and let him "help" He enjoyed them and I was suprised that I didn't absolutely hate the whole wheat things. Than we played a bit and I got him into clothes just in time for Karin to get back and take him to daycare. I finished my book a little after she got back as Sarah doesn't require a whole lot of attention just yet. Unless she's on the changing table. She helped add to the laundry again. Karin handed her over with a poopy diaper...Sarah quite finished loading it up though. Three times in the process of me trying to get a new one on while avoiding dragging and body parts or clothes through the poop on said changing table. That was quite the process let me tell you. Newborns.....especially this wiggle worm one. And I had to change her clothes after that....putting socks onto her feet...not easy.

After Karin got back, sleep dragged me down for lunch and I took a nice nap while she talked to Ryan and looked at stuff on the internet. I also got the house cleaned up a little bit and scooped out some fresh yummy watermelon...picked up from a roadside stand that also sold us very good tomatos and corn. Than it was time for a target trip and to pick up Caedin.

Came back and made enchiladas. Not too bad either. watched the olympics. Karin put Caedin to bed only to discover his blanket...his "precious" had been left at daycare on accident. This may or may not bode well; we'll see. and Now I'm on here, chatting with my much-missed boyfriend.

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August 18, 2004

Today so far...

*goes to rescue sister with printer cartridge*

I was woken up shortly after 7 by my nephew who dropped my wallet on my head.

So after stumbling upstairs, I slowly came to my senses on the couch while my sister made Caedin some oatmeal since he didn't want me to fix pancakes. probably for the best.

*tries to remember rest of morning* I at a french toast bagel from Panera that my sister had and helped clean things up since the house always has to be ready for a showing. I also held the little Sarah while Karin took Caedin out for a walk. It was then time for lunch...after getting Caedin fed, I made some sandwhiches for myself and Karin and we ate while watching Sarah and listening to Caedin who was in time out. He figured out how to throw himself over the gate and got a great kick out it.

Caedin had a pre-op appt at 130,, which happened to be his naptime, so we loaded up into the car around 1130 hoping that the car ride might put him to sleep. We picked up 49 cent 32 oz drinks at a gas station. Karin had to do some things on the base, so we went there next. It was rather interesting just to see everything from the car. After a stop at Target, we headed to the hospital and I held the waking and hungry Sarah while Karin took care of things with Caedin. It's a good thing that she slept, even if restlessly. Finally, a long time after she should have been fed, we went to a McDonald's and Karin fed Sarah while I took Caedin in and got him ice cream. My oh my. Imagine 18month old with ice cream cone. Yup. quite messy. He liked the model moon guy at the piano and the life-size ronald McDonald. I got him cleaned up and we went back to the house and I made cookies with Caedin. He didn't get all that much in the way, but his sippy cup fell into the garbage disposal straight that was a trick to get out. He seemed amused by it all.

Now, I consider that it will probably be time to make some dinner soon. Life is definitely staying fairly interesting, and I'm mostly going to be working on the same time schedule as I was with work. But tomorrow Karin has an early dental and Caedin is at day care.

I'll try and post again this evening.

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August 17, 2004

Now Speaking from Nebraska

So here I am on my sister's laptop with her very fast connection...faster than the one at school I think. It's probably DSL since my brother-in-law used it for online classes. Never mind, I've been informed that it's a cable modem. At any rate, it's rather sweet. Not as sweet as my precious little niece who is far more cuter in person. and Caedin. He's cute too even if he is being a little booger. He's grown so much even since I saw him two months ago. He's definitely getting ready to be 2 though....

The flights were perfect and nice and all. I read all of The Notebook. I don't know if I want to see the movie. I almost caught myself crying as I read it and I haven't done that in a very long time. It was good. It was a nice read after going through some books I read long ago--"Christian romance" types that I discovered just aren't as good another time around. *sigh* Oh well. There are still a few I could read over again, like those by Francine Rivers. The others were just a little too....choppy I guess. Notebook isn't Christian but eh.

Well. I'm sure I'll have more to post on as the week and a bit goes by.

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By the way...

I have 5 Gmail invites for anyone who is interested.

I like chocolate and cash and comments.

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quote from GA trip

During our afternoon time with Sunny before the wedding, in which we were pleased to help Sunny not get too stressed.


"This is what happens when you don't get enough sleep: your vocabulary laughs at you an calls you funny names."

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To Nebraska...

Just can't seem to stop traveling this summer.

I'll be on my way tomorrow to help my sister and her two little ones out for the week. Apparently it's going to be quite busy, but I expect to have fun too. Caedin has doctor appts and such and the house is still up for sell which means showings. and Sarah will turn two weeks old while I'm there!

I'll be back on Thursday the 26th. I'm pretty sure my sister still has the computer with DSL or something nice like that, so I'll probably be updating and such while I'm there and I have the chance.

I even left work fairly happy with the catching up I did and start on some other organization projects. Not that I won't get behind...oy, the filing that will await me! Tis okay though. I always have something to do...

For now, I'm out.

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August 15, 2004

To Georgia and Back

In 40 hours.

Yep. We left Longview at 720 p.m. Friday night and drove all night mostly without incident. I say mostly because we accidentally drove off without paying for gas and a place in Mississippi that we could not find on the way back. Caleb had my credit card so as to pay for the gas at the pump. He gave it to me when I was inside the station with some oil asking if I could pay for the oil with it. I think he may have mumbled something else, but, neither of us remembers as it was a little after midnight and we'd been driving for 5 and a half hours and me asleep because I'd been working all day (caleb drove the first part.) Anyways, I didn't know I was supposed to pay for the gas inside. Thus I didn't. Somewhere at a McD's in GA when we stopped for a breather and breakfast, I asked Caleb about the receipt and we discovered to much chagrin that we had a problem.

But on we went. Josh drove across Alabama, which I'm sure he'll tell ya all about. I tried to stay awake for him, but I couldn't. I drove for an hour and a half through Atlanta, and than slept the last little bit to Sunny's. We arrived at 9 a.m. their time and after crashing in the morning, kept Sunny company through the afternoon so she wouldn't become too stressed while all her family was setting up and decorating.

And then, we went off for the picnic and ceremony. They did a fabulous job decorating and it was a rather pretty little park that they picked. The food was good, especially the iced tea. and we enjoyed visiting with some of their family and meeting other LU people there. and than, after milling about for an hour while they changed for the ceremony, it was time. It was just special to watch Sunny and her girls walk down the road behind the falls and across the bridge as the sun went down. Brenton was grinning the entire time. Their parents had the look of happy sadness. Brenton's dad gave a rather good wedding sermon with a few jokes here and there. Sunny's gals--Cara, Katy, and Brenton's sister Tori, were all gorgeous too. and the guys looked spiffy in the tuxes. Than we had delicious cake and punch (Brenton's chocolate cake was decorated with statics equations...well, and one certain "dynamics" equation....) and we threw the birdseed and watched them run off to start their married life. We had decided during our hour milling about that we would drive all night back to Longview instead of sleeping at Sunny's parents place. and thus, after helping them to clean up and getting lost on the way back to the house, we arrived at the house, packed up our stuff, gave many thanks and hugs to Sunny's mom and family, and left. Lindsay drove from Toccoa to the eastern state line of Alabama. Morgan drove across Alabama until we reached Mississippi and than Caleb drove. I drove across Louisiana into Texas excepting the half hour we were on the side of the road paniced that something more serious than a overheated electrical box had occurred as the electrical system had died and than the van itself. Thankfully, it wasn't. and I think we were all thanking God and saying a few prayers for the last few hours back for safety and getting back soon. We rolled into Longview around 11 a.m. Josh crashed. I stayed awake and had lunch and started Phantom Tollbooth until the coffee from this morning had worn off and I crashed in the living room.

It was worth the trip though. I am extremely glad we made it. It meant a lot to me to see another pair of very dear friends get married and know that God was smiling down on them. The weather was absolutely, and sunny for the afternoon and evening. and now, I must rest a bit more because I'm flying to Nebraska on Tuesday morn to help my sister out with the precious Sarah and toddler Caedin for a little over a week. and I'm working all day tomorrow.

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August 12, 2004

Starry Quote Night

"Morgan, at least you know if you side with me, you'll always be alone."--Scholl

The setting: Anna holds her knife in its leather sheath. She, with fork in hand, chased Scholl for "deathing" in the apartment after telling and asking him not too........
"You should really use that knife"--Caleb
"Scholl, Quick! Say death"--Charlie
"Ok. Dea..... Wait! That would be retarded!"--Scholl

"I only got up to retarded."--Morgan

On a poster of Van Gogh's "Starry Night."
"That's definitely a stump!"--Jenny
"It's not a stump; it's the burninator."--Morgan
"Did you ever see the moon that color with the little whooshy round it?"--Morgan

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Sarah Pictures!

I'm such a proud aunty!

Note: Some of these pictures were taken within seconds, minutes of birth...

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August 10, 2004

Learning Ventures

Well, the out of the last 48 hours, a day and a half has been spent shadowing, rather, observing, how those beginning of the year teacher work-days work. Kinda boring yesterday. Overwhelming a bit too. My jr. high CT (cooperating teacher, get used to the abbrev.) is nice, and that will help too. Sometimes, I wonder what I'm doing in the education program. Simply because I'll have to conform to certain things that the administration and such will request of me..even to stuff like grading policies and such. and the freaking standardized testing. poor kids.

I understand the why's of it; but I don't agree with some of the ways things have been expressed to these teachers and how they are doing things. Not that I can or will speak up about it. It isn't anything unethical really, it's just a matter of...educational philosophy, and worrying more about standards a school must meet up to.

On other ventures....filing folder cuts on the finger hurt worse than paper cuts. And gourmet dinners take quite a bit of time and patience. if you can call Chicken Scampi a gourmet entree with fancy-cooked carrots and delicious, gooy, brownies. It wasn't perfect, but hey, it did taste fairly good and I don't think there are any leftovers. That's happened a lot to me this summer. Oh yes. Recipes off the internet are nice. but I miss a good old fashioned cookbook. and cookbook recipes are a bit more trustworthy than those off the internet and have clearer instructions. That's okay. I have a better understanding of how to cook the stuff the next time now.

Oh my. that hard work has made me sleepy. :-p

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August 09, 2004

I'm an Aunt doubly so!

"Sarah (middle name undecided) Cook arrived at 11:30 this morning. 8 lbs, 2 oz, 22"
All is well."

from a mass email my mother sent to inform me and other distant family of the great event

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August 06, 2004

i love musicals

I really do.

Longview Community Theatre's performance of "The King and I" far exceeded my expectations for this little town. The costuming, sound, lighting, and stage design were works of art. Most of the acting was spectacular. The kids were charming. (Except the one sitting next to me) There was song. There was dance. And other than the TWO people who left their cell phones on!!!! I really enjoyed myself tonight.

Even intermission was amusing as Dr Watson kept us amused by telling us of a musical he is writing about the life of R.G. LeTourneau. It included his doing a brief rendition of a chorus line for us.

I keep getting these other thoughts that might make good posts. I should probably write them down but I am putting more efforts into willing the caffeine and tylenol to kill this nearly migraine status headache.

Until tomorrow..

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Good stuff

First of all, remind me to show ya'll a little book review I found in last week's Time issue when we're all back. It's a Shadow Council must see review. I'd link it if I could access it.

Here's a quote I copied this morning at work while reading through The Chronicle of Higher Education , the August 6 issue.

"Animal cloning, though much in the news, is nothing new. It has occurred naturally for millions of years, in the conception of identical twins."

Peter Monaghan, "...Triplet Starts of Science" A-32-33

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August 04, 2004

I feel so extra-girly...

I went shopping tonight. I found more great deals. Clearance shopping is really a whole lot of fun. For example, I picked up a two-piece swimsuit at Old Navy for less than $7 and another at Penny's for about $12.

I also had to buy make-up tonight at Target since we are required to wear it for student teaching Blech. Since cheaper make-up has a limited selection in coloring, I had to get a little bit more expensive stuff so as not to break out and to keep a more natural look. I spent more on make-up than I did on my clothes shopping tonight. Pffft.

We also had a good time at Bode tonight...all of my apt and Jared. Hehehehe, talk about opposite ratio. :-p I'm surprised we didn't have him blushing.

Work is work. I think going up to help out my sister will offer a nice break from the filing, even if it'll be collecting up, waiting for me 8-| I stuffed so many envelopes today too. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for having to fold the paper, and folding packets of paper is harder on the fingers. Guh.

Otherwise, life is generally kind of boring.

I miss you Josh.

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August 03, 2004


"Obedience is the road to freedom, humililty the road to pleasure, unity the road to personality"

C.S. Lewis

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Etc Etc Etc

So if anyone who is around wants to go see "The King and I" for about $10 on Friday (Aug 6) at 8 here in Longview (live play), leave a comment ASAP

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August 02, 2004

I don't know

I like psychological movies. Like Pi What is it about movies made about mathematicians that always makes them psychological? hhehhehehheeeehehehehheehehehheheheheheh

This is my last full 40 hour week of work. After this it is touch and go between education stuff and going to Omaha. I'll miss learning the interesting things about LU from the vantage point of Academic Affairs. It's really different to work from the "other side".

I'm not going to be working at Common Grounds this fall. *sniff* no more free coffee for me *sniff sniff* no more coffee chats down in MSC while I'm working. *sniff* no more making coffee for people at the cart. I won't get to enjoy working behind the counter where we will now have plumbing. Oh well. I can't do everything :-)

It looks like I'll have a nice weekly schedule though...depending on when those one hour seminars are.

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