May 04, 2010

The Funny and Not So Funny

Saturday: trying to get ready for a trip to mall for exercise and chat with a new mommy friend---projectile poop, 3 feet: clean diaper, 2 changing pads (current and the clean one stored to the side), crib bumper, crib sheet, stuffed animal on the floor

last two nights: 2 A.M. wake-time, or cuddle with mommy time. Not sure. Didn't go to sleep for 2 hours. Yet, she does go right to sleep without a fuss at bedtime... we both have been taking morning/afternoon naps. --Note: she does do wake-times during the day, sometimes content. This 2 AM issue is a rather recent problem because she had been doing pretty well going right back down after feedings. In fact, she usually falls asleep pretty fast after the 2 AM feeding, but then wakes up about 5 minutes after I put her down. Because sleeping in her bed is not as awesome as sleeping Mommy's arms.


Spit-up. especially when in fresh clothes. Rather like wetting/dirtying a fresh diaper...

Grabbing Mommy's shirt when hungry or about to be put down.

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