April 07, 2010

week 2

So tomorrow my baby girl turns 2 weeks old. Last night I went to a BF support group and she weighed in at 8 pounds 8.4 ounces--a gain of 6.4 ounces since last Thursday. I could tell she had gained weight just because her hands and limbs are starting to fill out. Her cord stump fell off on Sunday. We survived a couple of days without my parents while they went to visit some family, and then they spent Easter afternoon/evening with us, taking us out to dinner--my first venture out with the baby. It's nerve-wracking to be out in public and hear the coughs around. I just want to put her in a bubble.

My parents are awesome. and that's an understatement for all they did for us last week. My dad fixed stuff around the house and my mom caught up our laundry, dishes, and general house-cleaning. We'll never be able to pay them back...hopefully we'll be able to do the same for Grace many years in the future as they have done for us.

She seems to have fallen into a 2.5-3 hour feeding schedule, so that's been nice, and every once in awhile she'll sleep for 3 hours at night. I take the little blessings where I can get them. She's also starting to pick up fussy times--the hardest ones are the 11:00 at night ones where we both just want to sleep and she does too, but she fights it. Josh was a champ last night, letting me doze while he worked at soothing her. I know at some point we'll have to let her probably cry it out...but that "late" at night... my nerves just can't handle it. I just hope she doesn't get attached to any sort of sleep prop dependent on us...but since she generally still goes down okay during the day without anything more than a pacifier or the occasional swing time, it seems to be okay right now.

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