January 13, 2010

what? a blog?

So if anybody still checks this....

Warning: rant about Pat Robertson to follow

I was driving home tonight from AWANA listening to Wally on our awesome local Christian station, The Spirit (89.1). Wally Rocks! Anyways, he was talking about Haiti and then was honest about his opinions about Pat Robertson's comments on the Haiti earthquake--the comments that put the tragedy as a consequence to some "pack with the devil" made LONG LONG ago. A pact that he knows about how? Really?

link to youtube of robertson's comments

Really? Since when are we to cast judgement on others and speak for God(other than using the Bible)? unless Pat Robertson is claiming to be a prophet... Not all tragedy is the result of sin! Remember the story of the blind man in John 9 . The man's lifelong blindness was NOT the result of sin, it was the intended for God's glory. Off the top of my head, I cannot think of ONE instance in the Gospels where Jesus casts judgement on someone's personal tragedy. He does cast judgement on the money-changers and thieves in the temple, but he only ever demonstrates COMPASSION in all other situations, even on the woman who the Jewish leaders brought to Him--testing him--to try and have her stoned for adultery. (John 8)

Yes, there are earthly consequences to sin. and we know from the Bible that God does cast judgment through his forces of nature on nations because of sin. (Old Testament and Revelation) But he commands us to LOVE and not judge in the New Testament--to live as JESUS lived. We can only speak with God's authority through the HIS WORD, the Bible and we should be using the Bible not to cast judgement but to show God's compassion and love, especially on the great many who are suffering in Haiti right now.

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