July 30, 2005


What have I been up to these last two weeks?

Not much. Work. Sleep. Eat. That's Mostly it. However, there were a few things in there that were more interesting. We've watched a few movies. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT, EVER Watch a movie called "Mulholland Drive" *shudders*

Sadly, it was one of the few movies I managed to stay awake for....I would rather have not. and I'd rather have stayed awake for other movies such as Hotel Rwanda and Cool Hand Luke. *sigh*

Oh, I've also tried my hand at a few other dishes. Such as Chicken Fried Steak, REAL mashed potatoes, and roast little chickens with dirty rice. Pictures below. Josh and I also went to Tyler with the intention of using some gift cards at the mall, but we were hungry and I also wanted to see the roses at the Tyler Rose Garden before it got too dark. The mall closed by the time these two things were taken care of. Oh well. I'm posting a few of my favorite pictures from the rose garden (we were there a bit past peak) and a picture of example lighting at Armadillo Willy's, where we ate. It's a shame there wasn't a way of capturing the wonderful smells of the rose garden for you.

and I thought it wise not to put a picture up of the current state of my big toe which had an accidental meeting with a concrete slab the other night....I forgot about that particular step.... any rate. it cut the top corner of my toe. I went and got a tetanus shot after realizing it has been ten years since my last one (almost to the month).

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