March 08, 2005

Heard on the radio...

Now I like country music. That's why I listen to it on my way to school (other than those being the only stations the car picks up right now....)

However, the following I heard this morning is over the top:

A guy called in asking for suggestions of country music to save his marriage. Apparently, country music can save marriages.

and then a comment by one of the d.j.s:
"Country music is perfect for times like this where one is going through divorce or something like it"


A more thoughtful thought of my own on the way back,
we were talking about worship in our every day lives Sunday night after College & Career dinner. "That's what I love about Sundays" came on the radio and I was reminded of our discussion as I listened to the lyrics which describe worship. We shouldn't just love Sunday worship, every day should incorporate those elements of worship that we love--fellowship with others (even if a simple card, phone call, email), music, prayer, and such.

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