April 30, 2004

signs of a semester end

increasing numbers of very random conversations on very random topics, particularly amongst floor mates and other random persons

the printer never stops printing

you can tell easily the difference between under and upper classmen because the upperclassmen look very bleary eyed and bedraggled.

people start laughing at the weirdest things. and make the weirdest comments.

the clutter in your room begins to look daunting as you realize you have to begin packing.

lots of girls are at target buying wedding gifts for friends.

you don't remember spring break very well. the last two weeks for that matter.

you look and plan for opportunities to procrastinate.

studying is planned around movies for those who normally plan movies around studying.

book-lovers begin to realize they will have the freedom to read "real" books soon.

you pay for things in loose change.

you stretch out your laundry for when you can do it for free.

prayer is unceasing.

the end of the weeks seems to be a VERY LONG way off. until you're crunching out that paper at the last minute.

fewer people in chapel.

fewer people in classes.

the grim reaper of financial aid is haunts you and friends.

you are calculating minimum grades needed.

homework doesn't seem so important anymore.

you realize yet again that you really should be in bed, not writing out stuff on your blog.

you check other people's blogs to see if they've updated in the last few hours on their own homework breaks.

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