April 19, 2004

Just too good not to share

You know how I will reant every now and then on person(s) who tell me "I just gotta have faith and I'll be healed." Well, one of the freeing things I've been learning through doctrines and in research for my seminar paper is how this is very unfounded biblically. Here is a passage and a bit from the footnote reference from a book I'm using for doctrines research

"Scripture reveals that the level of God's working of miracles was not primarily dependent on human faith, but on his sovereign plan and purpose. Nowhere in the New Testament are believers encouraged to have faith so that they can become the recipients of miraculous works."
"While the ability to work miracles is related to faith (cf. Mark 9:23), the amount of faith is not emphasized. The reference of the disciples to cast out a demon because of "so little faith" is best understood not as a rebuke of a small quantity of faith, but of a misdirected faith (Matt. 17:17-20). Jesus immediatedly adds that "faith as small as a mustard seed" is sufficient to move mountains (v. 20). The disciples were apparently treating the power given to them as magical power rather than true faith, which depends totally on God. Mark's additional comment that prayer is required supports this understanding."

Robert Saucy, "An Open But Cautious View." Wayne Grudem, Gen. Ed. Are Miraculous Gifts for Today? Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1996. p. 119-120

Posted by Anna at April 19, 2004 06:22 PM