April 13, 2004

Something or Another

While I could brag on lots of friends around me....I unfortunately don't have the time to do that because it would take awhile because while I thought of some friends, others would come to mind and the list would just keep going and going.

However, today marks nine months of dating a wonderful man in my life and since I've been fairly difficult to him of late, I feel that I should brag on him a bit.

Josh, who is the special someone God has given to me and who I really don't deserve, has stood by me over the last year through the swings of fists and emotions, through the being sick and disappointments accompanied thereof, through the rambunctious family and interesting friends, through my selfishness and carelessness, through the busyness that I can't seem to escape. He's prayed with and for me. He's put me over other interests, taking the time to go with me to Houston for a doctors visit, or attending a wedding or two, riding with me and putting up with my spontaneities. He's encouraged; he's pushed where I needed pushing; he's helped me unmeasurable amounts with Common Grounds and other ventures. Loaned me his sandals when mine broke while walking back across the hot July pavement. I could go on, but I know he would rather me be asleep right now so I shall give in.

I love you Joshua. May everyone know!
Thank you Lord, for this wonderful man in my life.

Posted by Anna at April 13, 2004 01:35 AM