January 26, 2004

Chapel Thoughts

I may have to expound on some of these later but here are some thoughts I had regarding chapel in general:

Most recently (or I was just able to put actual words to it):
There are chapels which are more like student assemblies.
and there are chapels that are true Christian fellowship.

In testing the Spirits, we should remember to test our own when listening to someone. For in some ways, I think that it's worse not to listen to a person because we dislike them or are of different persepectives than it is not to worship because one doesn't like the music or style or leaders.

I caught myself automatically freezing and getting ready to find something wrong when two people were up on the stage today and realized that in doing so, I could very well miss something God is saying.

Posted by Anna at January 26, 2004 01:26 PM