January 17, 2004

On that Special Roommate

It's great to have my Lily back as a roommate. I guess it could be possible to have a special connection with more than one college roommate (excluding spouses if one gets married.) But my experience and observation seems to be that if lucky, there will always be that one special friend where it clicks like no other. Lily and I have similar schedules and living preferences and we have fun together. Sharon was fine as a roommate; it was just not the same after Lily though. Lily and I have that bond that ties across more than numbers. Maybe it comes from having gone through a fair bit together. I hope everyone is as blessed to have at least one special person in their life as Lily is to me.

It'll be fun to go on the adventure of living off campus with her next semester if all works well. We'll probably end up looking at bringing a few others along with us in apartment life...but we'll see how that goes later on this semester.

Anyways, I really should be getting into bed now.

Posted by Anna at January 17, 2004 01:38 AM