February 28, 2006

Your Attention, Please

It seems that Ardith has found a wonderful little tool to stop comment spam. I've been trying to install it site-wide, and cannot find any good way to edit everyone else's templates from the server. (If Scholl or Ardith can find the files I need to edit, that would be wonderful.) In the meantime, you can add a type-in-the-code-from-this-image-or-I-won't-let-you-post widget to your comments by following the instructions below the fold.

Also, there is theoretically a anti-Trackback Spam module that I installed that should stop bots from spamming us, unless the bots are operating from the hosts specified in the trackback, which isn't particularly likely. I haven't exactly tested this one, though.

Log in and edit the following templates in all the blogs that you wish to protect. Look under Templates on your side menu.

- Individual Entry Archive
- Comment Listing Template
- Comment Preview Template
- Comment Error Template

In the above templates, just before the submit button line (somewhere near the end) which begins

<input type="submit"

add the following block:

<!-- Security Code Check -->
<input type="hidden" id="code" name="code" value="<$MTSecurityCode$>" />
<br />Enter the number to post: <img border="0" src="<$MTCGIPath$><$MTSecurityImage$>?code=<$MTSecurityCode$>"><br />
<input tabindex=3 id="scode" name="scode" /><br /><br />
<!-- end of Security Code Check -->

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