May 08, 2005

Proposal for an "Honors" Nexus

I think it would be most useful and valuable to establish an "Honors" Nexus page here for the Shadow Council and other members of the Honors program, for the purpose of keeping track of relevant data on one another ... like e-mail accounts, addresses, current locations, stuff like that. I think it would be a good idea to encrypt this page somehow, so that only people with a password can view it (or perhaps only people with a password will be able to decrypt it). It should also have a "wish list" - people whose addresses (or other information) we want.

One other thought I had is that Master Cynic should, if possible, set up a Pay-Pal account accessible from his page that we can use to pay our quarterly "dues" and stuff. And donate to if we feel sorry for the man.

Thoughts, anyone?

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A Shadow Council Marriage

Let this serve as a brief note that Joshua Scholl and Anna Olson will soon cease to exist as seperate entities and become one.
Our joy for their union is great. Our support of their journey must be also.

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