November 09, 2004

ticket confirmation

Before I purchase the tickets for TRANS-Siberian Orchestra on Friday, December 10:

I just checked the cost including parking passes and such with Ticketmaster:

It'll average about $44 a person, not including gas and probably a meal.

If you still want to go, let me know within 24 hours!! (I'll try to talk to everybody in person too)

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November 01, 2004

More Culture

First things first:

November 12-14, 19-20, 2004
Wait Until Dark
The thriller, Wait Until Dark, promises to have you on the edge of your seat. Blind Suzy Hendrix is the target of a vicious killer.

When darkness falls she turns off the lights leaving them in the dark until the deadly game ends in the “electrifying, breath-stopping final scene.”

so. this will be another $10 student ticket play to attend. The plan is to go on Saturday, November 13. If you want to go, leave a comment. I'll order tickets next Monday, November 8.

Also, if you are interested in attending a Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert in Dallas on Friday, December 10 before finals week, leave another comment. This will be a rather pricey venture: $35. But it's the Trans-Siberian Orchestra folks! a few dollars might also be asked towards gas but we'll see.

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