2 October 2006 - Monday

History Carnival XL

The fortieth History Carnival is up at Old is the New New. This edition uses Dave Davisson's recent Patahistory Manifesto as a theme. (Host Rob MacDougall strikes me as a very patahistorical thinker, which may or may not be an insulting thing for me to say.)

On the 29th of last month, Axis of Evel Knievel celebrated the 68th birthday of "the worst historical analogy ever" -- and offered a helpful reinterpretation of the event, to boot. >>

David Tiley describes a utopian group called the Panacea Society and the mysterious sealed box it claims to guard. >>

Bill DeRouchey runs a weblog on the history of the button. >>

Gus Van Horn remembers last year's evacuation of 2.5 million Houston residents. >>

As always, there's lots more to see at the carnival itself.

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