25 July 2006 - Tuesday

Reading list

The American Bar Association presents the strange history of the presidential signing statement. The current chief executive has issued more than all of his predecessors combined.

Umberto Eco, reviewing a book by Paul Collins, recounts some "outlandish theories that were taken seriously for a long time" -- especially various hollow earth theories -- which, he says, remind him to "distrust many ideas that are accorded full credence in the media, and even in some scientific circles." I wonder what he has in mind. (HT: A&LD)

Christianity Today is watching the war in Israel and Lebanon, running a series of articles from a range of perspectives. Botrus Mansour, for example, is an Arab Christian living in Nazareth.

In the third installment of his series on academic history, Jason Kuznicki explains why you shouldn't go to grad school.

On a more cheerful note, if you haven't visited Today in Alternate History yet, you really should.

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