20 July 2006 - Thursday

Reading list

Brandon Watson summarizes the case presented by George Campbell, a Scottish minister, against the rebellion of the American colonies.

At Ship of Fools, Stephen Tomkins writes a series of amusing biographical (and occasionally apocryphal) articles called "Loose Canons: Golden Moments from the Pages of Church History."

Dr. History has some useful-looking advice for first-year history graduate students.

Matthew Yglesias likens American adventurists to the Green Lantern Corps -- "capable of achieving anything if only we have sufficient will." (HT: VI)

Etgar Keret explains why the current conflict has some Israelis feeling relieved: "'It's a real war, eh?' And after taking a long breath, he added nostalgically, 'Just like in the old days.'" (HT: TAS)

And Hiram Hover has prepared the seventh Carnival of Bad History. Loads of fun!

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