15 May 2006 - Monday

History Carnival 31

The thirty-first History Carnival is up at Airminded. Brett Holman has prepared an excellent compilation, including such gems as these:

At Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog, the master presents a list of Galfridus Chauceres lynes of picke-uppe. "Ich haue the tale of Lancelot yn myn roome. Woldstow rede of yt wyth me?" >>

Dorothy King describes the fascinating stonework assocated with the Small Metropolis, a little Byzantine church. >>

Martin Rundkvist discusses the Viking settlement at Baggensstäket. >>

Michael Lorenzen reminds us that President James K. Polk was censured by Congress for provoking war. >>

Jonathan Petropoulos discusses the role that some German royals played in helping Hitler to power. >>

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