14 May 2006 - Sunday

Reading list

At Got Medieval, Carl Pyrdum has exposed S.R. 458 (a Senate resolution that the national anthem should be sung in English only) for the self-stultifying silliness it is.

Caleb McDaniel critiques what he calls "the cult of information" that, among other things, leads the public to excuse government overreach. I'm tempted to start quoting T. S. Eliot.

Laura James reminds us what un ugly thing a presumption of guilt can be. That may be useful to remember when discussing cases like this; I feel safe saying that some innocent players have been branded brutes because of their association with the team. The rest of the matter, Lord willing, will be sorted out properly in court.

Mirium Burstein provides a helpful guide to interpreting the coffee-shop rituals of professors in finals season. Please approach such professors cautiously; the grade you save could be your own.

After nine months of teaching at Duke, Mark Goodacre reflects on the differences between American and British higher education.

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