8 May 2006 - Monday

The Great Longview Marketing Tour

Amidst the chaos of preparing for a wedding and a graduation, a few of my college friends and I found time last week to accomplish something we had wanted to do for years. Gallagher, Martinez, Wheeler, and I piled into a car and set out on the Great Longview Marketing Tour, documenting the quirky advertising we had noticed during our stay in East Texas. We'd been driving by these signs week after week for four years; we decided we had to share them with the world before we lost the chance forever.

Click on the thumbnails to get the full effect.

Haute cuisine.

A well-diversified company.

The scare quotes are a nice touch.

Shouldn't that be "SUB HCRUHC"?

I'm not entirely sure why I've always found this so funny.

Patent Pending.

Red-Letter Edition.


We try not to speculate on the scope of "adult activity."

We always refer to this place as Coffin-on-a-Stick.
I didn't know the real name until last week.

I have never, ever seen any evidence that business is conducted here.
But the sign is always lit at night.

Get it?

In fact, this is a car wash.

But are gift cards only avali for Tue .ladies?

This sign frightens me.

Hey, Longview has some big bugs.

Particularly creative massage methods.

Owned and operated by Miss Easy.

Good ol' Neal.

A particularly comprehensive city orinance.

Nothing worse than unreliable music or tobacco products.

Just after I took this picture, two of my professors emerged from the building.

We figure they want to buy new faces for their current employees.

After I took the photo, a black lowrider pickup pulled out and drove by slowly, the burly driver staring hard at us.

Who wouldn't trust these people to paint a car?

Everything you need to drive for hours.

And, for the dénouement, we arrived back at the LeTourneau campus:

I still can't get over the fact that they're naming this the Belcher Performance Center.

Farewell, Longview. It's been fun.

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