15 February 2006 - Wednesday

Belated Valentine's Day post

THE CAST: Sir Gawain; a snow-white damsel; and two horses

"Maiden," said my lord Gawain, "may you be blessed by God! Tell me now, dear friend, what you were thinking when you, without reason, cautioned me to slow down?"

"I do have one, I swear, sir knight, for I know just what you are thinking."

"What then?" he asked.

"You want to grab me and carry me down this hill across your horse's neck."

"That's right, damsel."

"I knew it well," said she. "Cursed be any man who thinks that! Be careful never to try to put me on your horse! I'm not one of those silly girls the knights sport with and carry away on their horses when they go out seeking adventure. You'll never carry me on your horse! However, if you dared, you could take me with you. If you are willing to take the trouble to fetch me my palfrey from this garden plot, I'll go along with you until you encounter in my company misfortune and grief and trials and shame and woe."

Chrétien de Troyes, The Story of the Grail (written c. 1180s; trans. William W. Kibler)

I would have excerpted that yesterday, but I only read it this evening.

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