16 January 2006 - Monday

Reading list

Blogging from Kuwait, Sgt. Chris Bray (US Army; UCLA history) has begun a series of posts to explain why he thinks the war is "probably unwinnable" and why our soldiers' position on the ground is "painfully untenable." Bray, incidentally, is arguing as a conservative. The introduction is here. In part 1, Bray explains why our soldiers and our journalists interpret the situation in Iraq differently (hint: the journalists know Arabic). In part 2, he questions the actual value of America's superior firepower.

Popular Mechanics is giving away a small earthmover. That's so cool. (Via Dave Barry)

Dahlia Lithwick provides Senate Democrats with a helpful, stereotype-free guide to the American federalist: "Once you acquaint yourself better with the federalist, it is our belief that you will come to love him as we do. You are free to pet the soft, luxuriant hair of any federalist you see here today. But Sen. Kennedy, please stop poking him with a pointy stick." (Via Volokh)

Translate a letter for a lawyer, spend 20 years in prison? (Via MeFi)

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