21 December 2005 - Wednesday

Reading list

For the Guardian, Kathryn Hughes reviews Evelyn Welch's book Shopping in the Renaissance. (Via A&LD)

The American Chesterton Society now has a blog. (Via Brandon)

Rob MacDougall has found connections between nineteenth-century spiritualism and both technology and feminism/misogyny. (Via Ralph)

Blogs4God and the Evangelical Outpost are calling for Christian bloggers' responses to Charles Krauthammer's "The Truth about Torture." As much as some of these people complain about the dangers of moral relativism, I see dithering going on here. Some of the bloggers listed at blogs4God are being kind of vague; Mean Dean, at least, has the courage to argue directly that torture is a legitimate instrument of total war. He also, rather more strangely, says this: "Removing the torture option from the table or at least the threat of it encourages opponents of Iraqi freedom to continue acting as illegal combatants now that the most significant peril of such an act has been removed." I suppose the same could be said of a threat to kill their wives and children -- or maybe crucify them.

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