7 November 2005 - Monday

Reading list

Sharon Howard hosts Carnivalesque #10 at Early Modern Notes.

Writing for Foreign Affairs, Kenneth Neil Cukier describes the current international struggle over Internet governance. (XIL)

At The New Pantagruel, D. G. Hart (musing on the career and ecumenism of Mark Noll) wonders whether "flirting with Roman Catholicism will lure away young talent from evangelical circles ... which will erode further the prospects for an evangelical mind."

In the Boston Globe, Andrew J. Bacevich argues that the United States should revisit realism as a foreign policy -- but the realism of Niebuhr and Kennan, not Kissinger. Original sin makes an appearance in the article. (ALD)

If those fail to stimulate thought, please see "Things to do when you're bored." (MeFi)

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