18 July 2005 - Monday

In others' words: book edition

Thanks to a basic knowledge of this interweb thingy, Tim Lambert has collected some pretty good evidence that John Lott (the "more guns, less crime" guy) has been defending his own work under different screen names. This is not a new allegation, but Lambert's work is particularly thorough. >>

Speaking of the communications age, Sharon Howard offers some ideas about why Harry Potter and similar book phenomena get fans so excited. >>

The New Yorker ventures into Roald Dahl's lair. >>

Tyler Williams covers the discovery of possible new Dead Sea scrolls. There are two fragments, apparently from Leviticus 23 and 24. They look genuine to Williams. >> Jim Davila still recommends caution. >>

Update: Regarding Harry Potter again, Jonathan Dresner explains why the books bother him a little:

I'm an historian, and a social historian at that, and I can't fathom how Rowling's world came to be, or how it functions. That drives me nuts. The students are always doing history papers, most of which are amusingly dreadful antiquarianism, but there's no discussion to speak of of anything that happened more than two generations ago. Worse, there's no sense of evolution, no sense of change. And that is wrong. >>

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