15 June 2005 - Wednesday

History Carnival X

The tenth History Carnival is up at Spinning Clio. Here are a few of the entries worth reading:

Alterior discusses the role the Black Death played in allowing some medieval women to enter the business world (with nifty graphics). >>

Melinama looks at the questionable validity of the memoir of Jean Lafitte, whose name I knew dimly as that of our local pirate when I was growing up near the Gulf Coast. >>

Tom Corrente, after grading AP exams in US history, objects to the saccharine version of early America reflected in student essays; he also thinks that the revolutionary generation was more willing to question its government than ours is. >>

Mark Grimsley connects Emmett Till, military history, and bullying ... and says they need to be connected. >>

Derek Charles Catsam reviews Cinderella Man. >>

The Cranky Professor has discovered why people use bad historical analogies, at least in the information age. >>

Lots more where those came from.

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