10 June 2005 - Friday


After a few close calls earlier this week, I emerged from my bedroom late this morning to find our air conditioner dead. As the day wore on, indoor temperatures climbed into the 80s. We kept the lights off and the fans on most of the day. We ate a cold supper. Mom told war stories about her family's "evaporative cooler" in West Texas in the days before Freon became a household item.

We reached only one repair service by telephone. We were told that we would have to wait until Monday unless other clients canceled. Things looked grim. We consoled ourselves with ice cream and popsicles. We considered the old-time solution to a lack of home air conditioning -- taking refuge in a movie theater -- but didn't find any films we liked.

My father, however, came home with some theories about what might be the matter. I heard him thumping around in the attic for a while. Finally he came down and asked whether it felt cooler. It did. My extremities started turning opaque again. It's still stuffy in here, but I hope to find the situation much better in the morning.

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