5 June 2005 - Sunday

Globalizing American history

Last night, Ralph Luker called for a Cliopatria "symposium" to discuss a NYT article on the globalization of US history. So far we have responses from Jonathan Dresner, KC Johnson, Ralph Luker, Rob MacDougall, and Caleb McDaniel, in one long hyperpost.

Ralph Luker, for example, proposes that post-9/11 US historians should learn from the example of the Annales School in France after World War I:

In the United States, it seems to me, the influence of the Annales historians has been largely limited to our European historians. R. R. Palmer certainly exemplified their breathtaking reach -- and pioneered in what Gewen calls "Atlantic history" -- in his great work, The Age of the Democratic Revolution. Their work has been known to and admired by the rest of us, but we have not followed their example.
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