13 May 2005 - Friday

Textbook acquisitions

As promised, I visited the UT Press tent sale in Austin today. All of my purchases were "hurt" (ever-so-slightly damaged) new paperbacks, at three dollars each:

Francesco Casetti: Theories of Cinema, 1945-1995

V. Propp: Morphology of the Folktale

Ben Brady: Principles of Adaptation for Film and Television

Joel Sherzer: Speech Play and Verbal Art

Elizabeth Warnock Fernea and Basima Qattan Bezirgan: Middle Eastern Muslim Women Speak

Alison Futrell: Blood in the Arena: The Spectacle of Roman Power

Mohammed 'Abed al-Jabri: Arab-Islamic Philosophy: A Contemporary Critique

M. M. Bakhtin: Speech Genres and Other Late Essays

Richard H. Immerman: The CIA in Guatemala

And a freebie:

Emory C. Bogle: Islam: Origin and Belief

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