15 April 2005 - Friday

History Carnival VI

The sixth history carnival, chaired by Jonathan Dresner, is now up at Cliopatria. Dresner chose a fun conference-program format:

Speeches (opening and closing) will be in the Droning Auditorium. Panels will be in the Alumni Donor Memorial Classroom. Poster Session will be in the big Theory Hall; Mini-Panels will meet on the left end of Theory Hall, unless the participants refuse to appear together. Papal Working Group will meet in secret.
Your humble servant is especially excited this time. His blog is included in the carnival; the recent musing on evangelical historiography was selected for the panel on "religious cultures and modernities." Fortunately, the panel has several other members to bring the quality back up. Caleb McDaniel speaks to "Democratization and Christianity"; Mark LeVine presents "Some Thoughts on the 'End of Arab History'"; and Brandon Watson reflects on the moral order espoused by Jules Verne in "Master of the World."

Take a look at the rest of the presenters, too. I think this is the best format yet for a carnival.

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