19 January 2005 - Wednesday

Slight eccentricity

In addition to working as student grader for the history department, it appears that I will be working as an English tutor this semester. I'm a little nervous, but I also look forward to this as a chance to develop crucial skills. At some point, I need to find my inner wells of helpfulness and tap 'em, if I plan to work in education.

I made a discovery tonight. Apparently, my habit of bowing slightly during introductions can create the impression that I am not entirely native. I've been told before that I seem vaguely international, but this is the first time I've been able to trace that impression to a particular physical mannerism. I never gave it much thought before. Now that someone has pointed it out, I'm pretty sure I bow a lot. The effect is probably strengthened by the fact that my accent gets more ambiguous when I become nervous, especially when meeting new people.

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