14 May 2004 - Friday

A proper start to summer

The University of Texas Press is holding a sale today and tomorrow, offering a decent selection of textbooks for lovely prices. My mother and I dropped by the tent in Austin this afternoon. My acquisitions:

Bakhtin, The Dialogic Imagination: Four Essays

Bakhtin, Toward a Philosophy of the Act

Bromley, Rethinking Middle East Politics

Gill and Wiseman, Lies and Fiction in the Ancient World

Hendrick, History and Silence: Purge and Rehabilitation of Memory in Late Antiquity

Johnstone, Disputes and Democracy: The Consequences of Litigation in Ancient Athens

Williams, The Word of Islam

All of the books are new, although some are slightly damaged (with slightly dented corners, for example). None cost more than five dollars.

Perhaps I will be able to finish reading most of these books before fall. I have started a Wheelerian booklist as a motivator and gauge of progress.

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ohh...books. I like books. I'm going to make a list.
Drat, I ran out of paper

The thoughts of sunny on 15 May 2004 - 0:16 Central
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ooooh... bakhtin....

The thoughts of banana on 15 May 2004 - 1:43 Central
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You may want to check out AllConsuming.net if you haven't already. Great way to make a reading list! (and free!)

The thoughts of eliot on 15 May 2004 - 14:13 Central
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milton wonders what the requirements for being removed from the "rare poster" list are...

The thoughts of milton on 15 May 2004 - 16:57 Central
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I suspect that updating one's blog more than once a month would help. In Milton's case, once per day for two days running is a good start. Keep it up.

The thoughts of Wilson on 15 May 2004 - 17:42 Central
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