October 29, 2007

Computer Maintenance: A Tale of Incompetence and Deceit

As anyone who's been in the computer repair industry for any length of time will tell you: the industry is just as bad as the auto repair industry and perhaps worse. We too have the mechanics who will lie to you and give you $800 repairs that you don't need, grossly misdiagnose simple problems with your computer, and just plain try to sell you upgrades and replacements that you neither need nor want. In fact, this video expose that the CBC ran a little while back is shockingly typical of what I've seen.

Now, that was just the summary... really, just the tip of the iceberg. The fact of the matter is that to get a job as a technician for most of these companies, all you need is an A+ Certification, which is the computer equivalent of a GED. To make matters worse, because these companies want cheap labor, they don't bother with ongoing training, continuing evaluations or even any attempts to encourage their employees to seek further certifications. Most of these companies are more than happy with their subpar employees and would be happier still if they could just get you to overlook the fact that their help is incompetent and overpriced. Oh... and if you thought that summary was bad, you might want to run away now rather than clicking here for a fuller look into the heart of darkness.

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