August 23, 2007

The Authority on Longview Cable TV

Did you know that for a while, I was the first result on a Google search for "Longview Cable"? I'm still number three or four (depending on how you count the nested link to Longview/Kilgore Cable's contact link... but I digress. As you will note if you click on the above search, this very well-visited entry is not very complimentary of LCTV's capacity as a provider of internet services. And while I really can't complain about their capabilities in providing television, I felt that it was time that I reiterate that Longview Cable TV still sucks.

As Randy and Jared can both attest, the internet has been spotty over the course of the summer with frequent and inexplicable downtimes of varying lengths, lasting maybe 5 minutes or as much as a day. And when the internet does go down, a call to Cablelynx (Longview Cable's internet provider) tech support rarely yields anything other than a wonderful message that goes something like this, "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties in your area and hope to return internet service to normal within three to four hours."

Of course, it's not like I really have a whole lot of options. I happen to know that AT&T (formerly SBC) is just as bad, if not worse. I might go with ClearWire at some point in the future as I've been hearing rave reviews, they're a national company, and as an up-and-coming company, they are beholden to offer superior support to what the incumbent provides.

But really, since I keep getting these pageviews regarding Longview/Kilgore Cable Television, I figured I'd put up a couple more posts of information and attempt to educate more of the locals about the dangers of companies owned/operated by hicks attempting to provide "new-fangled" services like internet.

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