August 03, 2007

Odd News

It might have been a while since I've posted... but mostly, I'm putting these odd links up because that's what I do. Not to mention that some of these were just too good to pass up.

Public Service Announcement

Before I get into my warped links and videos though, I'd just like to repeat a public service announcement forwareded to me by the city of Raleigh, North Carolina: If you are in the area of Raleigh and you are approached by street vendors peddling lingerie, call the police. Turns out, there are about $35,000 worth of bras and panties out for sale on the streets that were stolen from area Victoria's Secret stores and police have no leads. Seriously people, buying stolen lingerie is a crime if you know it's stolen... and what honest businessman sells thongs out of the trunk of a car anyways?

Public Nuisance

Continuing on in the bent of good civic-mindedness... say that you work at a day care center... and you look out the window and see a strange car parked out front. That in and of itself is cause for a bit of concern... and then you notice that said car is rocking and the two occupants are engaged in... well... creating new customers for your day care. Amusing as that is, better still is when you call the police and the police arrive, only to find that the occupants are far too busy getting after it to even notice for a couple of minutes. As a friend of mine noted, "Looking at those mug shots, they look like such intelligent people. I don't know how they made that mistake."

The Things We Do For Love

On the topic of dumb things done for a woman's affections, we go to Hawaii. When cops tell you to do something, I don't care how much you want to do otherwise, do it. Or suffer the consequences. So, if officers have already told you twice not to ring the silly little bell on your bike unless you want a ticket for violating the noise ordinance, and it's 2 am, don't let the girl ring your bell. Just don't do it. Or you might end up like this guy, who got fined $572 by the local judge. Of course the judge could have been a bit more lenient, but some people just have no appreciation for love.

Why Wilson Travels Amtrak

You just thought Wilson rode the train to avoid flying. Turns out, they're giving frequent rail passengers a $100 credit for booze as a promotion to ride in the GrandLuxe cabins. If Wilson's not travelling GrandLuxe, he certainly needs to be. Hey Wilson, where do I get my train tickets? Even at $6 or $7 per drink and probably $30 to $40 per bottle of wine, $100 is enough to finance a VERY diverting passage by train.

I Only Thought Lake City Was Crazy

Apparently, the mayor of Federal Heights was recently tried and acquitted of criminal complicity in illegal lap-dances being performed in a strip club in his town while he was mayor. As a side-note, mayor Dale Sparks was also employed as the bouncer at said strip club while he was mayor, hence the criminal charges. Wow... compared to Federal Heights, Lake City is a tame and normal town in Colorado.
Oh wait, it gets better. You see, first, he was moonlighting as a bouncer because his job as mayor doesn't pay enough. Secondly, he was the "doorman" (read: enforcer/bouncer) and at the same time, had a bad hip... and nobody suspected that there was something untoward with a crippled mayor working as a bouncer at a strip club? And lastly, the prosecution had a video tape of the mayor walking (hobbling) by the bar while patrons were getting lap dances and yet he got acquitted of complicity? Is he blind too and nobody thought to mention that?

German Avant-Garde Film Editing

This little gem is just too good to pass up. Check it out... and watch it straight through... remember, this is all live action being video-taped in one take.

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