June 13, 2007

Making Amends

In light of the fact that I've done my "go to ground for two weeks" nonsense again, I am going to make amends in the best way I know how. You've already seen my wonderful finds in the arena of political amusement and marketing, but I will attempt to render amusements from other areas in my ritual otherwise known as "it's been two weeks since I posted and my blog is looking kind of sparse."

Pasties Funding Pavement: The Adult Industry Gives Back to Brooklyn

Brooklyn, Illinois is a bedroom suburb of St. Louis. Most remarkably, its only real industry is adult-oriented entertainment, movies and bookstores. In short, the entirety of the commercial tax base is derived from XXX establishments. The truly amusing part of all of this is the vague ambivalence the community has towards the establishments and the level at which the local adult industry gives back to the community. Actually, if a visitor didn't know better, by all accounts, he would be hard-pressed to differentiate Brooklyn from any other small suburb of a big city... at least until night fell and the town's population tripled.

Excessive Nudity?!

Speaking of strippers, apparently some police raided a strip-club in Pasadena, MN and charged 14 strippers with "excessive nudity." Now, call me crazy... I understand that stripping bears a certain moral stigma and whatnot... but isn't nudity the point of stripping? As a friend of mine noted, nudity is kind of a binary condition... either you're naked, or you're not. Apparently, that's not how it works in Minnesota.

Racism for Dummies

And lastly... apparently there is a man in Belgium whose excuse for not hiring non-whites is that his dog is racist. Yes... the dog will bite anyone of color, and thus, he cannot hire them. Fortunately, the Belgian Labor Office decided that keeping a racist dog and catering to its White Supremacist leanings is still just cause for being removed from their list of potential employers. Unfortunately, the Nigerian man who brought this matter to light doesn't want his name in the news and thus has declined to file a formal complaint. Apparently, he doesn't want his family hearing about that sort of thing... can't say I blame him.

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