March 26, 2007

Hurts My Brain

I've found another crop of interesting articles and news... I know, I probably ought to save them for the next time I go on hiatus. Ah well, let's just hope I don't.

Breast Enlargement > Prozac

In a somewhat amusing, self-evident and slightly self-serving study, Plastic Surgical Nursing has just published a study in which women who received breast implants overwhelmingly reported an increase in self-esteem and sexual function (a mix of arousal, satisfaction and experience.) Of course, the study's author is quick to point out that boob jobs shouldn't be used as a universal cure for depression.

Hamilton == Classy

Several of you have heard me talk of the crappy city of Hamilton (formerly Hamilton!), which is located about 10 minutes from my mother's house in Ohio. Apparently, due to a proliferation of deadbeat dads in the county, a Hamilton pizza joint is teaming with the Butler County Child Enforcement Agency to put mug-shots of deadbeats on pizza boxes.

Sadly, the method has only netted one arrest in 6 months of use. Some, like fathers' rights advocate Maury Beaulier think it's horrible, "It's just a way of shaming people." But isn't that kind of the point? In any event, it does have just the mix of redneck tackiness and indicators of crappy residents that I've come to expect of Hamilton!... er... Hamilton.

Wrongful Purchase?!

According to the infamous Diebold Election Systems Inc., the State of Massachusetts wrongfully picked another company to supply thousands of voting machines for the disabled. Yes, Diebold claims that Massachusetts Secretary of State William F. Galvin and his office have wronged Diebold in picking the better machine... and Diebold is so adamant that it's suing the Massachusetts.

While the company admits that it actually has no evidence of wrongdoing, negligence or even improriety, it claims that the Secretary of State at least made a mistake and is seeking to enjoin the state from distributing the machines for the coming election so that it can have the court force the state to buy Diebold Machines. Wow.... just, wow.

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